- Bush approval rating hits new low

Posted: 5/10/2006 by Floyd in

31% only 4 have scored lower, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and elder Bush.
In November we need to claim the prize of "Lame duck." - Bush approval rating hits new low

The minimum wage which has not been touched since 1997, when it was raised to $5.15 an hour is something being taken on by the states, since we have an inactive congress now being run by big business interests and greed. - States aim to raise minimum wage

I think two is too many.
All Headline News - Bush Says Brother Jeb Would Make "Great President" - May 10, 2006

Another kick in the teeth, ow, that hurts. I don't know where I'll cut off this post, heck the links keep on coming, how about a tax break for the wealthy? Might I say now that they are doing one heck of a job at sticking it to us. - House passes tax cuts for investors, upper income taxpayers