Rousing the Zealots

Posted: 5/30/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Dawson Springs, Ky.  Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and militiamen are revived by the furor over illegal immigration. Pugnacious anthems and racist diatribes have never been in short supply at Nordic Fest, an annual white-power Woodstock held over the Memorial Day break near the former mining town of Dawson Springs, Ky. On the agenda were a Triumph of the will-themed running event and cross "lighting" sponsored by the Imperial Klans of America. There was talk of action against illegal immigrants, among the guest speakers was Hal Turner, a New Jersey Internet radio talk-show host who recently instructed his audience to "clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition...and to do what has to be done" to undocumented workers.
Southern Poverty Law Center counts some 800 racist groups operating in the U.S. today, a 5% spurt in the past year and a 33% jump from 2000.  They are exploiting the immigration issue as effectively as they can, the anti-immigration issue is a new fresh weapon for them to use.
Link to Time on this one,
Read stories we don't here about in the main-stream media, this stuff went down in Kentucky the big cross burning and racist talk. What is going on is they (racists) are using the immigration issue to try and strike a chord with people Americans, preaching their hatred in the Bible Belt.


  1. It looks as though it is time for me to renew my membership with The Southern Poverty Law Center. It is truly sad that these white rejects have limited their existence to hiding behind a surface barrier - their white skin.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey there Kitchen Window Woman, yeah these racists are breeding like flies and using the issue of immigration to define themselves,what gets me is it happened right here in Kentucky apparently they gather ever year here on the memorial weekend to preach hate,I thank you for stopping by you have a very interesting blog and I enjoy reading it, it is very well wrote,thanks again and come back anytime..