Poll results

Posted: 5/17/2006 by Floyd in

The last poll was the question;
Is it o.k. with you for the NSA to collect information on you?

19% said yes it is

69% said no it is not

0% said whatever Bush thinks is logical

13% said we should git rid of the NSA


  1. Jim says:

    Sorry I missed your poll, but you know where I would vote. I'm infuriated by these sheep that say "if you're not doing anything wrong, why be concerned ?" They have no knowledge or memory of history, or even the recent past.

    I'm reminded of a story told by newsman Daniel Schorr about Nixon's "enemies list." In the middle of delivering the daily news, he was handed a paper, breaking news about Nixon's list, which Schorr read cold. He was flabbergasted to read his own name on the list of people Nixon was spying on !

  1. Floyd says:

    You are so right Jim, it seems that some people are unconcerned with their freedoms to live and worship as they see fit. Some arguments out there is claming un-amercanism among others I have read when we get up-in-arms over this spying issue, this issue concerns us as Americans because we value our privacy and freedoms by living in a free democracy, I have yet to find any data that all this has accounted for, how many terrorists have been located? By listening all over the east coast how much of a net gain have we had by doing it? And what other liberties we have as citizens are at risk? Everytime a story like this comes to light the answer seems to be congress or at least some of them are in the loop, but yet congress just stands there looking dumb-founded and seems not to know what's going on. And the polls that seem to pop up afterwards how much should we see into them? As the great Thomas Jefferson said; When the people fear the government there is tyrany,but when the government fears the people there is liberty.