On voting

Posted: 5/18/2006 by Floyd in

Alright here it is, we had a primary election on Tuesday, there were 20,000 eligible voters and only 6,000 actually made it to the polls. This is how many people showed to elect who would run in November and for some the race ended Tuesday because some were vying for the same seat affiliated with the same party. So anyway we had the 6,000 to which I was one of them choosing our elected officials to run our government offices, there were 388 absentee ballots. It seems America is really detached from the process, however we can't complain if we don't participate ourselves and I see a lot of complainers out there that are not taking part in the process, this is an important process in democracy and we should if we are able to try and make our voice heard.
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No matter who we may think would do a better job we as Americans I believe have a duty to participate in the voting process, but on fast pace lifestyles it is sometimes difficult, however the voting should be open to all of us, example let us speculate that we could not get registered in time well why not register on the day of the vote? That way you can go to the polls and do everything right there and the next time you wouldn't have to worry about it, instead of closing at 6 p.m why not 7p.m? That would give some a little more time to get to the voting places also. We have as a nation the lowest turn-out of anyone else and we need to change this where all of us could participate in this process.