Just say no to tobacco

Posted: 5/08/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

La Grange Kentucky State Prison banned all tobacco for its 500 staff and the inmates, Kentucky is the Burley capitol of the world, tobacco is a key part of this states economy. Prisons in several states have banned tobacco at least partially, but this ban includes the staff, also several county jails across the state also have such bans.
Brad Rodu, a pathologist at the University of Louisville who researches tobacco risks, said an all-out ban on tobacco like this one is unneccessary, if it is being done for health reasons. Its another example of an anti-tobacco contro movement that is simply out of control, They're just instituting bans without measuring the consequences, Rodu said.
I guess I would call myself a reformed smoker in other words I have been quit for over two years now and it was something that I decided was best for me and my health, and I feel it to be a good decision for me. Now let me say this,,,it is the health and medical insurances of our states that who are behind pushing these issues, and the reason I am against it is this,,what will be next? Will it be candy bars? Or maybe it will be eggs? How about hog grease?
I am like most others I believe smoking and chewing tobacco harms us, and am not arguing that point, I simply believe that we as Americans should be capable of knowing what is right for us as long as we are not harming others with second hand smoke, next on the controlling agenda would probably be beer or whiskey, it harms our liver among other things in our body and it also accounts for many deaths on our highways so then should we ban alcohol?


  1. Angie says:

    I understand your argument, because, yes, we as Americans should be capable of making these decisions for ourselves. However, on the other hand, then you have the Adult Americans trying to sue tobacco companies etc for causing their cancer. It's just a big catch 22 in a way.

    Personally, my feeling is smoking should be done in the privacy of your own home or outside. But that's just me.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Angie and thanks for your comment, you are right indeed and you also brought up an important thought, which is sueing the company. No one twisted our arms and made us use tobacco (and that includes myself) we knew the risks that were involved, and the danger to our health. Stop by anytime and leave a comment, you are welcome here.