The internet matters

Posted: 5/01/2006 by Floyd in

Rep. Edward Whitfield
(voted against net neutrality)
Republican representing Kentucky's 1st district
Call Rep. Whitfield now at 202-225-3115
tell us about your call
Say: "I was disappointed in your vote against the Markey amendment to the COPE Act. Please keep the Internet free and open by voting for enforceable network neutrality requirements in the future. Thank you."

Click the Icon save the internet at the top of my side-bar, sign the petition, there are now 250,000 signatures, goal is 350,000 the 10 people who recruit the most people to sign the petition by the end of Monday, May, 8, win a free iPod nano. The next 40 winners get a Barnes and Noble dot com gift certificate.


  1. time to vote out the republicans they too ugly now.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey wally, yes this internet thing needs nipped in the bud we don't need AT&T and big corporations dictating the net. I hope you guys click on the save the internet to see where your guys voted on this very, very important issue to us all.