GOP Rep. Rejects 'Amnesty' for Migrants

Posted: 5/28/2006 by Floyd in

The GOP has rejected Bush's deal for 'Amnesty' for Migrants, there are volunteers building a fence just out side of Palominas Ariz., On Saturday, I saw the work in a photo the cost is $100,000 and it would not keep out even a rabbit much less an immigrant. I see this as only a gesture on their part or at least this is what I am assuming. Bush is in the middle of the road on this him and his lap dog Frist who may or may not have another agenda tomorrow, are using their base as a whipping post. How all this will play out only time will tell, I will leave a link on the two bills side by side but I can tell you now the house's bill is far more strick than the Senate. It is hard to come to an agreement by kicking your base supporters in the teeth but that is exactly what is occurring here, The poll numbers for the White House should decline again but now we will see if it really does, as far as Frist is concerned I don't pay any attention to him because he changes with the wind. As for Bush well he is consistent he is always on the side of big business, they are making loads of money out of these immigrants so he will applause them. The house bill on the other hand wants to blame big business and that in fact is where the blame lies, for they have the most to gain from this whole deal and really the immigrants might gain from the house bill in the long run, grant it that they would be less of a labor force for business to exploit however the upturn is higher rate of pay. Because face it business will find loop-holes in the law just like their I-Con in charge now exploits any law that can be broken. However let us not forget for one minute that November is fast approaching and we need to buy our brooms and mops and start to clean house.
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GOP Rep. Rejects 'Amnesty' for Migrants
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