GOP Hopes for Boost From $70B Tax Cut - Yahoo! News

Posted: 5/12/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

A Boost? the middle-class saved about nine bucks while the big boys pocket anywhere from $1500/and up, this is total hog-wash do they think we are all fools???
GOP Hopes for Boost From $70B Tax Cut - Yahoo! News

Big Rich gain

Flip-flop Frist

$47 for people making $40,000/$50,000


  1. Hi floyd, this is Larry from Lets Talk About It.
    You made a comment about my post and I left you a link , I don't know if you have ever come across the name ECHELON, but this is the spy system that was created by Truman, years ago. see echelon.html, you will see just what millions of million of pieces of data can be used and processed for by the NSA.
    It was used during the cold war, it was used by every President since Trman started it.
    But never has any President ever used it to this extent as this one has.
    Now in reference to your pot.
    This President, Houe and Senate, seems to be about the rich, big business and the big drug and oil companies.
    They are not for the poor and middle class.
    It's a shame that most lower income Republicans can't see this for what it is.
    Nice site and nice post here!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Larry it is good to hear from you and thanks for the link,I knew you would have info. and yes the likes of Frist and his constituants is to not give the regular Joe one red cent. Thank you again Larry for the link.