Faces of Hate - Photos by Q Madp

Posted: 5/16/2006 by Floyd in

This is why Kentucky had to make this law about protesting at funerals, these people travel around to protest funerals of soldiers who were killed for the sake of freedom. it is awful to be killed in a war that should have never begun and then when they bring you home, a bunch of Idiots are there making comments and carrying signs such as these pictured are disgusting to say the least. I am a big believer in our rights and I believe we have the right do do as we wish in a free country, but seeing this makes me wonder how they sleep at night and something even more disturbing is they think they are doing it in God's approval. Below is a photo link of the signs they carry at the protests, someone who would do this has serious problems and you will notice in some photos they even have their children involved in it also.
Faces of Hate - Photos by Q Madp

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