The Democratic Ethic of www.

Posted: 5/28/2006 by Floyd in

Lately you have been reading quite a lot about the way big business want to take over the net and during that time you have seen Conservatives and Liberals join together with a common cause and simply put that is to save the internet as we know it, free for us to use as we see fit.
Well every good thing is eventually swallowed up by greed of big conglomerates like AT&T and others like it, they wish to get in a little more on the market than they are by charging fees to access certain places of the net and they are lobbying congress very hard to get them to cave so they can stick it to us where it hurts the most our wallets.
Many are fighting the cause such as Christian groups and even gun owners fighting the big boys of communication to keep them from picking our wallets, over 740,000 signatures have been collected from the Save The Internet and I would urge you if you have not signed to go and do so right now to keep big business out of your pocket.
In the beginning of this fight it looked hopeless but after the word got out it looks pretty good now just the other day a victory was won on capital hill and I feel good that when it comes to the net it belongs to all of us Conservative and Democrat and independents alike and it pleases me to know at least on this issue concerning Net neutrality we agree, I would say most see into the light of the internet becoming controlled by big business.
Here is also a link I found in the New York Times.
But the fight must be maintained call congress and sign the petition also link up with save the internet and put a banner on your blog or web-page and help spread the word, the web is a free market that we have left and the last thing we need is big business take over our domains, go also to the link above to see how your congressman voted on this issue and make your voice heard to keep the net as it is now or you may be seeing, (waiting to load page)(can't connect)