Conservative's fed up

Posted: 5/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

65% of conservatives disapprove of congress? 73% six of 10 conservatives say "America is headed in the wrong direction." Get this 31% of conservatives want Republicans out of power.
This really is not to hard to imagine, because a lot of those Republicans are middle-class and they know how things are going. For the last few months or even longer than that the middle-class keep on getting what crumbs that are left and they are sick and tired of it, everyone has seen things go from bad to worse and all the fumbling around and America wants a change from the path we are on. Whether we are Republican or Democratic we see the stagnation up close and I believe it would be the same if it were the Democrats in power, we are all used to America moving forward and on the right track, you can not throw away the middle-class and hope to win on money alone because in the end you must have the people behind you to win, it does not matter if you have big oil behind you, it does not matter if big corperations are behind you, you must have the Americans and the American middle-class behind you. Everyone Americans wants enough money to go to work on, and us paying $2.80 or more per gallon while the Washington bunch sits on thier hands just don't cut it.
But really gas is only part of the problem and it seems daily the problems mount, but I am hopeful America will get through this, I noticed today in the local Wal-Mart the price of food is starting to rise,and it is to be expected because when diesel goes up they pass the cost on to us, simply put it costs more to bring it to our local stores and the squeeze is being applied to our bodys and gas tanks and no matter our party affiliation we Americans don't like it.


  1. Aurelius says:

    Interesting. Maybe they can throw away th middle class. The middle class has really only been around since the end of WWII. Maybe they don't need us for the propaganda war with communism anymore, so it's time to go back to the masters of industry and the dirt poor working class.

  1. Floyd says:

    You know Aurelius you might be quite right my friend,I shutter to know we could return to such a state within our society but there is that chance.
    Well I might be partial but I believe we have a resolve to succeed, and many brilliant minds have contributed to building this great nation, I mean to say,,we're smart and eventually we catch on to the wrong path we are on and you see the numbers reacting to that. The middle-class is getting squashed like a bug, when they tell us tax go down yet (we) see them rise it don't take long to figure out they are lying. These officials are for big business an non-union labor, let me clarify, not the executives doing most of the work, but actually the million and billion dollar guys.