Rousing the Zealots

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Dawson Springs, Ky.  Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and militiamen are revived by the furor over illegal immigration. Pugnacious anthems and racist diatribes have never been in short supply at Nordic Fest, an annual white-power Woodstock held over the Memorial Day break near the former mining town of Dawson Springs, Ky. On the agenda were a Triumph of the will-themed running event and cross "lighting" sponsored by the Imperial Klans of America. There was talk of action against illegal immigrants, among the guest speakers was Hal Turner, a New Jersey Internet radio talk-show host who recently instructed his audience to "clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition...and to do what has to be done" to undocumented workers.
Southern Poverty Law Center counts some 800 racist groups operating in the U.S. today, a 5% spurt in the past year and a 33% jump from 2000.  They are exploiting the immigration issue as effectively as they can, the anti-immigration issue is a new fresh weapon for them to use.
Link to Time on this one,
Read stories we don't here about in the main-stream media, this stuff went down in Kentucky the big cross burning and racist talk. What is going on is they (racists) are using the immigration issue to try and strike a chord with people Americans, preaching their hatred in the Bible Belt.

Ralph Stanley, Bluegrass Defined

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Ralph Stanley at the age of 79 performs about 100 concerts a year, his a capella "O Death" from the "O Brother, Where art thou?" movie soundtrack introduced him to a new generation of fans. Ralph spoke at the Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center, a restored Victorian that once was the funeral home where his late brother and musical partner, Carter, was laid out 40 years ago. This is excerpts of that interview.
Ralph's father was a sawmill worker and his mother a homemaker, his mother bought him his first banjo when he was 11 or 12 years old. His brother Carter learned guitar from a mailman who delivered on horseback. The boys would wait for him to round the bend to teach them a new song. After serving in World War 2, they formed the Stanley Brothers and their Clinch Mountain Boys in 1946.
They would help define the music that would become known as bluegrass, The Stanleys created a three-part harmony that combined the lead vocal of Carter with Ralph's tenor and an even higher part sung by bandmate Pee Wee Lambert.
Carter died of liver disease in 1966, and Ralph wasn't sure he could continue,his brother had been the main songwriter, but after his brother's passing he received many letters and telegrams from his fans urging him not to quit. After Carter's death, Ralph drew even deeper from his Appalachian roots, adopting the a cappella singing style of the Primitive Baptist Church where he grew up.
Rock icons Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia praised his work and, in the case of Dylan, joined him for a remake of the Stanley Brothers "Lomesome River" in 1997.
Ralph's latest recording is due out next week a tribute to the Carter family, Ralph has also had a triple by-pass surgery but it don't slow him down, he says, "I would hate to retire completely, but if I had my way I would like to maybe slow down to 20 shows a year, but that's in the good lord's hands. I'll quit when he says so." Ralph was born about 12 miles from Clintwood VA. And grew up in the area, in 1970 he arrived late for a show in West Virginia abd heard Stanley Brothers music coming from the hall, and figured that they had been playing some of his records. He discovered soon enough it was two young boys named Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs and was a duplicate of the Stanley Brothers. They told him if he could ever help them out any in the business they would appreciate it very much, 'so I hired them and took them on.'
He won a Grammy for best male vocal performance in 2002, beating out Tim McGraw, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Lyle Lovett and was the focus of a successful tour and documentary inspired by the soundtrack O Brother Where Art Thou. Stanley holds an honorary doctorate of music from Lincoln Memorial University in, Harrogate Tenn. He comes here almost every year it is located about 48 miles North of Knoxville.
When I was a child I grew up listening to The Stanley Brothers and Bill Monroe, I saw Bill in person in Nashville but have not met Ralph although I would like to some day. Last year I missed him when he came to LMU to perform but maybe this year I will get to meet him, if you like banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and guitar music you could listen to Ralph sing and play and boy can he play and I hope he is around for many years to come.

kentuckian wounded in Vietnam has name added to memorial

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For three decades George Bryant Givens Jr. used a wheelchair, the scar tissue over his torn-up insides developed an inoperable cancer that killed him in 1994 at the age of 46-28 years after he was shot. It has taken his daughter Kate Martin two years to prove to the military that his death was related to his service in Vietnam. Read more,,
An estimated 1,600 children have lost a parent, almost all of them fathers, to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.,Read more,,
From the L.A. Times a brother speaks about his brother's commitment to serving his country  Bill Tessar brother of Jon Tessar, talks of how he has a new perspective of the troops after his brother's death. Jon Tessar's widow still lives on the Army base at Ft. Cambell, Ky. Read more,,

GOP Rep. Rejects 'Amnesty' for Migrants

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The GOP has rejected Bush's deal for 'Amnesty' for Migrants, there are volunteers building a fence just out side of Palominas Ariz., On Saturday, I saw the work in a photo the cost is $100,000 and it would not keep out even a rabbit much less an immigrant. I see this as only a gesture on their part or at least this is what I am assuming. Bush is in the middle of the road on this him and his lap dog Frist who may or may not have another agenda tomorrow, are using their base as a whipping post. How all this will play out only time will tell, I will leave a link on the two bills side by side but I can tell you now the house's bill is far more strick than the Senate. It is hard to come to an agreement by kicking your base supporters in the teeth but that is exactly what is occurring here, The poll numbers for the White House should decline again but now we will see if it really does, as far as Frist is concerned I don't pay any attention to him because he changes with the wind. As for Bush well he is consistent he is always on the side of big business, they are making loads of money out of these immigrants so he will applause them. The house bill on the other hand wants to blame big business and that in fact is where the blame lies, for they have the most to gain from this whole deal and really the immigrants might gain from the house bill in the long run, grant it that they would be less of a labor force for business to exploit however the upturn is higher rate of pay. Because face it business will find loop-holes in the law just like their I-Con in charge now exploits any law that can be broken. However let us not forget for one minute that November is fast approaching and we need to buy our brooms and mops and start to clean house.
Side by side bills on immigration
GOP Rep. Rejects 'Amnesty' for Migrants
Bill Frist on American Priorities from Crooks and Liars

The Democratic Ethic of www.

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Lately you have been reading quite a lot about the way big business want to take over the net and during that time you have seen Conservatives and Liberals join together with a common cause and simply put that is to save the internet as we know it, free for us to use as we see fit.
Well every good thing is eventually swallowed up by greed of big conglomerates like AT&T and others like it, they wish to get in a little more on the market than they are by charging fees to access certain places of the net and they are lobbying congress very hard to get them to cave so they can stick it to us where it hurts the most our wallets.
Many are fighting the cause such as Christian groups and even gun owners fighting the big boys of communication to keep them from picking our wallets, over 740,000 signatures have been collected from the Save The Internet and I would urge you if you have not signed to go and do so right now to keep big business out of your pocket.
In the beginning of this fight it looked hopeless but after the word got out it looks pretty good now just the other day a victory was won on capital hill and I feel good that when it comes to the net it belongs to all of us Conservative and Democrat and independents alike and it pleases me to know at least on this issue concerning Net neutrality we agree, I would say most see into the light of the internet becoming controlled by big business.
Here is also a link I found in the New York Times.
But the fight must be maintained call congress and sign the petition also link up with save the internet and put a banner on your blog or web-page and help spread the word, the web is a free market that we have left and the last thing we need is big business take over our domains, go also to the link above to see how your congressman voted on this issue and make your voice heard to keep the net as it is now or you may be seeing, (waiting to load page)(can't connect)


A freak accident occurred in Lexington a few days ago, a concrete slab fell from a downtown parking garage and killed a pregnant woman. What is more bazaar is finding the slab and it does weigh several tons, hmm, sounds like they might be hiding some evidence maybe? Read more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,start at bottom link to see the story unfold.
Lexington Herald-Leader | 05/26/2006 | It took the Herald-Leader three days and dozens of phone calls to track...

Concrete Panel not preserved as evidence?

Inspection issue on May 24th

The story on May the 20th

Country Music News

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Lexington, KY.  Since I have blogged lately about the Country Music singers I will throw another tid-bit out there it is most likely John Michael Montgomery will go to court on a DUI charge among other charges, read more.

Save the internet

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Internet users of all
political stripes are fighting back
together. The Coalition—led
by Free Press—
includes the
Christian Coalition, MoveOn, Gun Owners of America, the ACLU, Craig from
Craigslist, Free Press, small businesses, consumer advocates, Internet
advocates, musicians such as Moby, R.E.M., Q-Tip,
The Roots, Trent Reznor of NIN, the Indigo Girls, and
the Dixie Chicks, and over 700 other organizations from around the
Yep the Christian Coalition has joined in with in the fight for the internet, to contribute to an ad go here;
Civic moveon dot org
Also go here to learn more about the project; Save The Internet

It's Dixie Chicks vs. Country Fans, but Who's Dissing Whom? - New York Times

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I disagree with some of this article, you can't put all of country music fans squarely in the die hard conservative party and trying to do this will surely distance some fans, Tim McGraw and Faith spoke out against Katrina and all seemed well and I also watched the Academy of Country Music awards and heard what Reba said and it sounded rather biased and idiotic at the same time. Some of my favorite Country Music artists are; Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley and the Dixie Chicks to name a few and let me get back to the awards and yes Reba did get an ovation but let me go further there may be more red-necks if you will who are moderates and yes liberal also, and I believe Country Music is walking a more fine line than they realize. I grew up listening to the I-cons of Country who are Hank Williams Sr.,Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Ernest Tubb to name but a few and I would not consider myself far-right. For Country Music to go down the road of putting Americans in a category, it could back-fire?
It's Dixie Chicks vs. Country Fans, but Who's Dissing Whom? - New York Times

Congress bars military funeral protesters - Yahoo! News

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Congress has passed law that bars demonstrators from disrupting military funerals, it bars protests within 300 feet of the entrance of a cemetery and within 150 feet of a road into the cemetery from 60 minutes before to 60 minutes after a funeral. This is good. Because after one's son or daughter has given their life for the country it is down right idiotic to protest them in this manner and a black eye to America, but this is a law for national cemeteries but states are approving similar laws, the ACLU is suing the state of Kentucky because we already passed a similar measure our law bans the protesters to get within so many feet of the cemetery also. The state is not saying people can not protest it is simply saying stay away from the family of the deceased, and that is what it should say because the family of the deceased has rights also and that would be to bury their loved one in peace. And this ACLU law-suit contends that people could be arrested for just walking by on the street talking? This kind of stuff is what is wasting the time of our courts and costing us money.
Congress bars military funeral protesters - Yahoo! News
The ACLU challenge in KY.
Here is why KY. Had to do it.
Here is the kind of protesting going on.

Investigators enter Harlan mine

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Holmes Mill, KY. A team of federal and state investigator's entered the mine on Tuesday where five were killed in the blast, three it was determined died of carbon monoxide poison. It is of note that also the air packs that were used were the same ones used in the Sago Mine disaster in West Virginia. The survivor in Kentucky was Paul Ledford, his brother made a statement that Paul's air pack lasted about five minutes and also on Tuesday the wife of sole survivor of the Sago disaster Randall McCoy said that report after report has shown they did not work the way they were supposed to. The investigators will also look to see if the seals had allowed dangerous gases to leak into active areas of the mine. The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration said it would require the use of concrete block seals while the issue is under review.
Link in this blog;Within Reason

The Harlan Co. mine had been cited 41 times in the past five years for not cleaning up coal dust and other combustible materials, including three times this month, according to statistics from the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.

An Inconvenient Truth

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The film by Al Gore opens tomorrow about our environment, the film is 80 minutes long and is playing in communities across the U.S. It would be good to take your family and friends to.

A series of T.V adds trying to off-set the truth about global warming.
read more at;
TV Ads Take Aim at Global Warming

Personal Data of 26.5M Veterans Stolen - Netscape News

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The personal data was stolen after a Veterans Affairs employee took the information home without authorization. The personal data also includes Social Security numbers of the 26.5 million U.S. veterans.
Personal Data of 26.5M Veterans Stolen - Netscape News

Five killed in Harlan, Co. mine explosion

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Holmes Mill, Ky. Five miners died early Saturday morning in Harlan, Co. a sixth miner survived the blast. The mine is operated by Kentucky Darby LLC and is near the Virginia border, the accident occured about 1 a.m. while a maintenance shift was on duty, the cause was not known immediately. Kentucky Gov. Ernie Flecther said preliminary evidence suggests methane may have leaked from a sealed-off portion of the mine, mixed with oxygen and then sparked by an unknown means. Harlan co. Coroner Philip Bianchi said autopsy results could be available as early as Sunday night.
Victims were; Amon Brock, 51, Jimmy D. Lee, 33, Roy Middleton, 35, George William Petra, 49, Paris Thomas Jr., 53.
The survivor was Paul Ledford, he was closer to the mine's exit, he was treated at Lomesome Pine Hospital in Big Stone Gap Virginia. The blast sprayed debris 100 yards from the mine entrance, Jeff Ledford who is the brother of Paul said that Paul's breathing device wasn't working properly, so he passed out from lack of oxygen, Jeff went on to say that it left such an impact on his brother, that he would never go back.
Mary Middleton who is the wife of Roy said he had been working at the mine since he was 18 years old, and they have two teenage daughters. She also said Roy had thought of coming out of the mines but they had two children,"it was a job to make a living."

Initial tests show 3 out of 5 mine deaths were due to carbon monoxide. The other two miners died of blunt force trauma and
heat injuries. Family members were upset to learn that 3 of the
miners had survived the blast but later, suffocated.
"It makes me upset that he smothered to death." They need to
to have more oxygen for them, Mary Middleton said.

Jews must wear yellow

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I am at a lost for words, this is very disturbing.


This should have been entitled flip-flop George, now the headlines read White House speaks out against English as an official language? Let me refresh your memory,,

"I think the national anthem ought to be sung in English, and I think people who want to be citizens of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English." G. Bush.
All Headline News - White House Speaks Out Against English As An "Official Language" - May 19, 2006

Within Reason


Heck of a job....

Quote of the day

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For Republicans to define themselves as fiscal conservatives after five years of profligacy is hypocrisy on stilts.  Mortimer B. Zuckerman (Editor-in-chief U.S. News and World Report)

On voting

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Alright here it is, we had a primary election on Tuesday, there were 20,000 eligible voters and only 6,000 actually made it to the polls. This is how many people showed to elect who would run in November and for some the race ended Tuesday because some were vying for the same seat affiliated with the same party. So anyway we had the 6,000 to which I was one of them choosing our elected officials to run our government offices, there were 388 absentee ballots. It seems America is really detached from the process, however we can't complain if we don't participate ourselves and I see a lot of complainers out there that are not taking part in the process, this is an important process in democracy and we should if we are able to try and make our voice heard.
See some important voting issues at common cause
No matter who we may think would do a better job we as Americans I believe have a duty to participate in the voting process, but on fast pace lifestyles it is sometimes difficult, however the voting should be open to all of us, example let us speculate that we could not get registered in time well why not register on the day of the vote? That way you can go to the polls and do everything right there and the next time you wouldn't have to worry about it, instead of closing at 6 p.m why not 7p.m? That would give some a little more time to get to the voting places also. We have as a nation the lowest turn-out of anyone else and we need to change this where all of us could participate in this process.

Poll results

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The last poll was the question;
Is it o.k. with you for the NSA to collect information on you?

19% said yes it is

69% said no it is not

0% said whatever Bush thinks is logical

13% said we should git rid of the NSA

Faces of Hate - Photos by Q Madp

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This is why Kentucky had to make this law about protesting at funerals, these people travel around to protest funerals of soldiers who were killed for the sake of freedom. it is awful to be killed in a war that should have never begun and then when they bring you home, a bunch of Idiots are there making comments and carrying signs such as these pictured are disgusting to say the least. I am a big believer in our rights and I believe we have the right do do as we wish in a free country, but seeing this makes me wonder how they sleep at night and something even more disturbing is they think they are doing it in God's approval. Below is a photo link of the signs they carry at the protests, someone who would do this has serious problems and you will notice in some photos they even have their children involved in it also.
Faces of Hate - Photos by Q Madp

Within reason

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

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Rove (was alleged to say) told Joshua Bolten that he will be charged with perjury,regarding when he was asked how and when he discovered that covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson worked for the agency,and whether he discussed her job with reporters.
Rove testified he first found out about Plame Wilson from reading a newspaper in July 2003,and shared info. after the story was published.
Evidence has surfaced during the course of the two-year-old investigation that shows Rove spoke with at least two reporters about Plame Wilson prior to the publication of the column.
Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

A picture is worth a thousand words

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 Posted by Picasa

Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day to each and ever one of the Mother's out there, a mother is always there in good times and bad to talk to and to comfort us and no matter what happens we can always talk to her and everything seems a little brighter. From the time that we skin our knee until we are all grown up your mom seems to know just what to say and sometimes we might disagree with her we always seem to well you know, get over it so to speak. I still remember the gift I bought her when I was only five, it was a scarf, a head scarf to be exact, remember it was well a long time ago. I am one of the lucky ones I still have mom with me and she lives right next door and she still loves her independence, even though now she is almost unable to really cook or anything she still loves being there, and she tells me sometimes that she feels almost like she is a burden to me all the time, and she wishes she could do all the things she used to do,,,my reply,,that's o.k. you did it for me. So have a Happy Mother's Day to all and thank you for being mom's.

GOP Hopes for Boost From $70B Tax Cut - Yahoo! News

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A Boost? the middle-class saved about nine bucks while the big boys pocket anywhere from $1500/and up, this is total hog-wash do they think we are all fools???
GOP Hopes for Boost From $70B Tax Cut - Yahoo! News

Big Rich gain

Flip-flop Frist

$47 for people making $40,000/$50,000


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I got some feed back on my polls so I put up another one, this one about the NSA, I had a little trouble with the previous template I used so I had to start fresh. My last poll concerned Bill Frist and when I took it down 100% of you said you would not vote for him in 2008.
This poll will be left up about 5 days so give your in-put the results will be posted when it is taken down.

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Governor of Kentucky

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The man who once promised to clean up the mess in Frankfurt, has been indicted by a special grand jury. The charge; Illegally awarding political supporters state jobs. He is the first Republican elected governor in Kentucky since 1967, of note also that he has issued a blanket pardon for everyone in his administration, but himself. Flecther now making the big time news is a former Baptist preacher, earlier he got into conflict with the Unions of this state and has been involved with another hot topic of the eastern coal fields his "veto" of coal tax severance, slated for projects in the coal fields.
Within reason post on coal fields

Within reason post on Worker Sues Governor

How the Unions view him

Gay rights group files suit against Flecther

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Big brother is watching you

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So here we are, massive database of Americans phone calls came out in the USA TODAY and I am wondering how America feels about this latest news is it O.K.? Are we o.k with phone companies turning OUR records over to the NSA? You know really I am curious of how the Conservatives react to this, are they in step with all this spying on Americans, I am talking about the average American Conservative the average voter if you will, not Washington lap-dogs. It looks like all this has been going on since 2001 according to an interview conducted by CNN, boy that is a lot of collecting on phone numbers, or so they say, but I would venture to say it would be much broader than that. Well I would guess that the main-stream media would start conducting their polls now, no matter how skewed they would be. We Americans would have nothing really to hide, but it is un-american to me and an invasion of privacy.


The Smirking Chimp

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Windows Live Ideas – Product Page

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Windows Live Messenger beta is here, down-load page.
Windows Live Ideas – Product Page

  • IM your MySpace friends anytime
  • One-Click login to mail, bulletins, and more
  • Instant alerts for all requests, messages, and comments
  • Find and view your friends' profiles with one click
  • More features coming soon... - Bush approval rating hits new low

Posted: 5/10/2006 by Floyd in

31% only 4 have scored lower, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and elder Bush.
In November we need to claim the prize of "Lame duck." - Bush approval rating hits new low

The minimum wage which has not been touched since 1997, when it was raised to $5.15 an hour is something being taken on by the states, since we have an inactive congress now being run by big business interests and greed. - States aim to raise minimum wage

I think two is too many.
All Headline News - Bush Says Brother Jeb Would Make "Great President" - May 10, 2006

Another kick in the teeth, ow, that hurts. I don't know where I'll cut off this post, heck the links keep on coming, how about a tax break for the wealthy? Might I say now that they are doing one heck of a job at sticking it to us. - House passes tax cuts for investors, upper income taxpayers


Here we have an issue and it is Net Neutrality, this is not Republican or Democrat it affects us all, both Conservative and Liberal need on board to stop big business from controlling our internet, everyone needs to contact their representatives in Washington because if we don't big companies like AT&T and Verizon will be controlling the internet. In other words ever who pays them the most then their pages load faster, the lobbying by the big boys is heavy in Washington as we speak, click on the Icon at top left of my blog for further information and see where your representative stands on this issue and then call, call, call and don't let the big lobbyists decide the fate of our internet. When you click on the Icon at top left of my blog, and click on the map to see how they voted, you will see Democrat as well as Republican guilty,,guilty of wanting to sell out the free internet to big business.
Save the Internet » Blog Archive » Gun Owners: Net neutrality Preserves the Free Market Essence of the Internet

Martian Anthropologist

Funeral protest/ACLU challenging Kentucky Funeral Protest Law

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Not real long ago I blogged about a funeral protest here in Kentucky concerning one of our soldiers killed there, I believe this is the cruelest kind of punishment a family could go through. The family is trying to bury a loved one that was killed and died for their country, these people are a bunch of fanatics that would even think of doing such a thing but it happened and personally I think that they are just somehow trying to get publicity. Anyway I just found were the ACLU is trying to challenge that law, and the case for it seems weak at best, the ACLU is claiming people could violate it by stopping to chat on the street? These protesters were carrying signs and talking loud trying to disrupt the funeral itself, these people need to read their bibles and see what Jesus taught and stood for and then maybe they could learn from him. I have said this time and again I just hate it when people hide behind religion to do works not pertaining to God, I found a few things for them to dwell upon;
Matthew 5/5; Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew 5/9; Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Matthew 11/28-30; Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Ponder these few sayings for a while, I don't want to start talking about biblical history, but when I say I don't believe if a Roman got killed Jesus would be out there saying taunts like that is their just punishment or they got what they deserved, no,,no he would not.
WTOL-TV Toledo, OH: ACLU Challenges Kentucky's Funeral Protest Law

Within Reason

Iranian hostage 1979

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Elizabethtown, Ky. Found a story on the Iran hostages who were taken in November 1979, the ordeal lasted until January 1981. Don Hohman was one of these hostages and came out very bitter about what happened and was subjected to him, in Don's own words, "if it was my doing, there would be a nuke in Tehran right now." Hohman who is now 63 told of many abuses such as being beaten, and mock executions and psychologically tortued throughout what became known as the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Hohman also said that Iran had never been held responsiable for taking the hostages, now with the country back in the news, it would be a good time to hold Iran accountable, Hohman said. There is also a bill that Hohman would like Congress to pass providing compensation for the hostages and their families, under the act the former hostages are asking the United States to take money out of the Iran "frozen assets," still under the control of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Hohman also said "we are the first victims of terrorism and we have been forgotten." U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis R-Ky. is co-sponsor of the compensation bill, who said that Iran is probably the most pressing problem facing the world after the global war on terror. Hohman was an Army medic and at the age of 37 when he was taken hostage along with 71 others on November 19,1979 when Iranian extremist took over the American embassy. In the mock executions he and others were subjected to, they would be marched out and did not know the guns had blanks in them until they were fired, Hohman also said Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of the captors during the hostage crisis, "He was in the interrogation room when I was interrogated, he can deny that all he wants but you never forget a face like that." Hohman is hoping Americans pay more attention to Iran and those who remember the hostages will support the compensation request," if it doesn't happen now when Iran is in the lime-light, its never going to happen," Hohman said.
Iran hostage crisis

Iranian President Writes Letter to Bush - New York Times

Description of Selected News

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Just say no to tobacco

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La Grange Kentucky State Prison banned all tobacco for its 500 staff and the inmates, Kentucky is the Burley capitol of the world, tobacco is a key part of this states economy. Prisons in several states have banned tobacco at least partially, but this ban includes the staff, also several county jails across the state also have such bans.
Brad Rodu, a pathologist at the University of Louisville who researches tobacco risks, said an all-out ban on tobacco like this one is unneccessary, if it is being done for health reasons. Its another example of an anti-tobacco contro movement that is simply out of control, They're just instituting bans without measuring the consequences, Rodu said.
I guess I would call myself a reformed smoker in other words I have been quit for over two years now and it was something that I decided was best for me and my health, and I feel it to be a good decision for me. Now let me say this,,,it is the health and medical insurances of our states that who are behind pushing these issues, and the reason I am against it is this,,what will be next? Will it be candy bars? Or maybe it will be eggs? How about hog grease?
I am like most others I believe smoking and chewing tobacco harms us, and am not arguing that point, I simply believe that we as Americans should be capable of knowing what is right for us as long as we are not harming others with second hand smoke, next on the controlling agenda would probably be beer or whiskey, it harms our liver among other things in our body and it also accounts for many deaths on our highways so then should we ban alcohol?

ACLU back to court in Kentucky

Posted: 5/07/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Frankfurt, Ky. Dispute still simmering in Kentucky over a 6-foot-granite monument of the Ten Commandments, a bill was signed recently by Gov. Flecther that would pave the way for the monument to be put back on the Capitol grounds. It was removed in the mid-1980s during a construction project and when political leaders tried to display it again in 2000, the ACLU went to court and actually won the case.
In recent years Kentucky has been at the center of the storm so to speak concerning the monument and the posting of the Ten Commandments, Mercer County won its case on the grounds that its display was presented with other historical documents, both sides believe they will prevail in court. Former justice Roy Moore became a hero of sorts when three years ago in Alabama a federal judge ordered him to remove the Ten Commandments in that state's judicial building, Moore was kicked out of office.
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that displays inside of the courthouses in McCreary and Pulaski Counties were unconstitutional, while the 6th. Circuit Court of Appeals said a similar display in Mercer County Courthouse is constitutional because it includes other historic documents also.
Within reason: Appeals court won't reconsider Ten Commandments Case

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The Liberators

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A British helicopter crashed in Basra on Saturday, Iraqis threw stones and set fire to three armored vehicles that rushed to the scene. The crowd chanted "we are all soldiers of al-Sayed."
Britain has about 8,000 soldiers and most of them are in Basra.

Iraqis Cheer Crash of British Helicopter - Yahoo! News

Conservative's fed up

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65% of conservatives disapprove of congress? 73% six of 10 conservatives say "America is headed in the wrong direction." Get this 31% of conservatives want Republicans out of power.
This really is not to hard to imagine, because a lot of those Republicans are middle-class and they know how things are going. For the last few months or even longer than that the middle-class keep on getting what crumbs that are left and they are sick and tired of it, everyone has seen things go from bad to worse and all the fumbling around and America wants a change from the path we are on. Whether we are Republican or Democratic we see the stagnation up close and I believe it would be the same if it were the Democrats in power, we are all used to America moving forward and on the right track, you can not throw away the middle-class and hope to win on money alone because in the end you must have the people behind you to win, it does not matter if you have big oil behind you, it does not matter if big corperations are behind you, you must have the Americans and the American middle-class behind you. Everyone Americans wants enough money to go to work on, and us paying $2.80 or more per gallon while the Washington bunch sits on thier hands just don't cut it.
But really gas is only part of the problem and it seems daily the problems mount, but I am hopeful America will get through this, I noticed today in the local Wal-Mart the price of food is starting to rise,and it is to be expected because when diesel goes up they pass the cost on to us, simply put it costs more to bring it to our local stores and the squeeze is being applied to our bodys and gas tanks and no matter our party affiliation we Americans don't like it.

AP Wire | 05/04/2006 | Money-hawking Pataki in California, then Kentucky

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Let me blog this about governor of New York Pataki who was to fly here on Friday for four fund raisers, the fund raisers were for the Republican Governor's Association.
This is quite a fine jester from the New York Governor but in Kentucky on how it is going will fall on a hard road to hoe, to quote an old saying. Governor Flecther has been investigated for over a year for hiring practices, some things that happened is a blanket pardon from the govenor to some in his administration, and his latest stance on the right to work law in this state put him at odds with the Union's. Also the veto of funds struck for the eastern coal fields have angered voters here, the approval of Flecther is below the President at about 30% and this is from likely voters. Things could turn around before his election which is in 2007, a lot of the Union believe it or not voted at least 60% Republican so the most I knew did lean that way, the number could be higher, Laurel County is highly Republican but has a lot of Union members also.
Unless things change and a whole lot, all the money could not buy him back in office.
AP Wire | 05/04/2006 | Money-hawking Pataki in California, then Kentucky

Poll results

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Well I must have a cross section of America? The question was, do you like the Spanish version of the national anthem?
Results; Yes=32%
I don't know=18%
Hell no=18%
The next poll is this, If Bill Frist ran for president in 2008 would you vote for him?
choices are yes,no,I'm not sure. So go to the side-bar and cast a vote I will leave the poll up about five days, the results above are from four days I don't know how it came out with those numbers but it did. So go give this next one a shot and let me know what you think, checking the pulse of America.

keep the internet free

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Craig Fields from Gun Owners of America hit the target right-on when he said

"Whenever you see people on the far left and far right joining together about something Congress is getting ready to do, it's been my experience that what Congress is getting ready to do is basically un-American."

No matter where we are on the political spectrum we need to call our reps. in Washington and let them know how we feel about "net neutrality."
Huffington Post

Within reason

Republicans Drop a Tax Plan After Businesses Protest - New York Times

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This article should have been entitled "the best government big oil can buy." Republicans cave in to big oil, with flip-flop Frist in the lead as big oil starts to flex its muscle. maybe the middle-class can get a few crumbs, we might manage to get a whole $100 for the high prices and I say "might", heck that would get us to work at least a week.
Republicans Drop a Tax Plan After Businesses Protest - New York Times

The internet matters

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Rep. Edward Whitfield
(voted against net neutrality)
Republican representing Kentucky's 1st district
Call Rep. Whitfield now at 202-225-3115
tell us about your call
Say: "I was disappointed in your vote against the Markey amendment to the COPE Act. Please keep the Internet free and open by voting for enforceable network neutrality requirements in the future. Thank you."

Click the Icon save the internet at the top of my side-bar, sign the petition, there are now 250,000 signatures, goal is 350,000 the 10 people who recruit the most people to sign the petition by the end of Monday, May, 8, win a free iPod nano. The next 40 winners get a Barnes and Noble dot com gift certificate.


Gov. Ernie Flecther's ratings now lower than President Bush's if you can believe that, just gave the eastern coal fields a slap in the face as Sen. Ray Jones of Pikeville put it.
Always look at what is happening here it is the poor and middle-class who always take a hit, Flecther's rebuttal to all this is funds should be useful elsewhere instead of Little League baseball?? These vetoes goes farther than baseball fields, and the coal-severance tax revenues were also generated by this part of the state, and this part tends to have a long memory.
Lexington Herald-Leader | 05/01/2006 | Coal counties smoking over Fletcher's 'slap in the face'