Posted: 4/12/2006 by Floyd in

I found something interesting in this poll,the king's numbers continue to slide I guess we all know that, about 60% of us disapprove of his handling of things,but look at the immigration issue; 81% of us say it is out of control,but 63% believe illegal immigrants should remain in the U.S and become citizens? And 61% of us believe the illegals will get in regardless of what the government does. Now look at this; 61% of us believe the U.S should make illegal immigration a crime? If the government should allow illegals to remain here what would or should be a requirement? 90% says must have a job/85% says must speak English/84% say must pay the I.R.S taxes. And on what would be most affective to reduce illegals? 52% say penalize the businesses that employ illegals,,,hey stop right there you know as well as I the king won't do that,on being total effective that number jumps to 84%. A total leaning toward building a wall about 66%,while 49% say it would not be effective.
People always want to make for themselves a better life for them and their families,a lot of the Mexicans I knew sent a good portion of their earnings back to Mexico to help their families there. They were good hard working people,sometimes their English is not so good but they try hard, two guys I trained personally Jose and Mario,they were quick learners and did a very good job for me and every Saturday and a lot of Sundays I could count on them to come in and help me with any job I had to do,were they illegal? I never really even asked they were good workers and I could count on them,but going back to the holding the business responsible,,when you look at it that is the only way you could do anything about illegals,but also being enlightened to the way of things, you can get all the documentation you need in various cities around the country,but you can bet the company would know there are always variations in the cards they get.
Well I have went on and on about this and could go on a lot longer but I better give it a rest for now,but I sure miss working with those guys.