- Senators warn dispute threatens immigration bill

Posted: 4/07/2006 by Floyd in

Let us blog USA TODAY on this immigration issue,it seems the administration is at an impasse. Now this government was built on immigrants anyone reading history knows about the bigotry the Irish suffered back in the mid 1800's,what is occurring here is the health big wheels are taking a hit in other words it is putting a burden on them. Immigrants for the most part can not afford health insurance and are uninsured,what happens? The state must pick up the slack. And what about some of the Senators including McCain insists on saying the immigrants are doing jobs we won't,have they got the interests of the immigrants at heart? That answer would be no,they have big business at heart and helping the bottom line,,whose making money? Answer is big business because you and I are seeing constant raises in produce such as tomatoes and lettuce,that is why they are on the side of the immigrant,it is not because they give a hoot about them,I believe in more border patrol to combat terrorists not to arrest people trying to make things a little better for themselves. However,I believe a process should be gone through to assure them to be citizens,now,why is the Mexican government so against the patrols? Why American dollars is why,all the American dollars being sent into Mexico via mostly Western Union,well will something come of all this? Yes because the health jaugernaunt holds a lot of weight in Washington. - Senators warn dispute threatens immigration bill
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