- Drivers curb use as gas goes up

Posted: 4/20/2006 by Floyd in

Saw something good for a change today in USA TODAY,gas consumption has went down and if and that is a big IF,we can curb our usage 3% for the next 30 days prices would crash,according to Tom Kloza,senior analyst at the Oil Price Information Service. Wow that is a dream and I hope we can squeeze them tell it hurts,I myself have cut way back on the fuel these past few days and am going to try by best to see it through. It could be anything to cut back stuff like going to the store,making a list could help tremendously so we don't forget anything and have to return. Use only what we can get by with and do not go anywhere we don't have to,America has a dependency to foreign oil and they really can charge what they want to with no restraints,I know Bush Co. is not going to do anything even if it could so really it is up to us to curb our usage and that will be hard I know that,but if we continue to adhere to this we can bring the price down. I have a 4-wheel drive Chevy truck so it really likes the pump,but lately I drive only when I have to. - Drivers curb use as gas goes up
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