Ten commandments bill signed

Posted: 4/13/2006 by Floyd in

Gov. Ernie Flecther signed the bill which allows historical documents to be displayed on public grounds,he signed the bill on Monday. Democrats and Republicans alike joined him in the Capitol Retunda,basically it is a bill that paves the way for a six-foot monument to return. Darrell BeShears a County Judge in Pulaski County said that Flecther acted in the best interest of the commonwealth. Pulaski County had been involved with a lawsuit over the ten commandments for over two years now. The Judge was also quoted as saying "there is no law saying you have to look at the ten commandments." Flecther was also quoted as saying,"The Ten Commandments do represent a sacred religious text. We all acknowledge that,but we cannot deny the Commandments significant impact on culture,history,and the laws of Kentucky,as well as the laws of the United States." A time has not yet been set for the monuments return,the bill Gov. Flecther signed was sponsered by Rep. Rick Nelson (Democrat from my district) and 50 co-sponsers which also gave permission to post displays of the commandments in county courthouses and other public buildings.
The Governer said the monument could be displayed near the Capitol's flora clock display.
This was a joint effort in this state by Democrats and Republicans alike,this being about the only issue we agree on,a joint effort was also reached on raising the pay of our teachers to bring them more in line with the bordering states,excerpts of this post taken from the article by John Whitlock of the Kentucky Press Association News Bureau. Well I am religious myself and am sorry if I may offend someone but thats America,this being about the only thing I can go along with Ernie on but he is also an ordained Minister of the Baptist faith. But it is good knowing the parties can work together however in this state that is far and in-between.
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