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To the right of this blog is a poll I thought I would do one on this issue at this time, it is in the news and would like your opinion on it. The poll will be taken down in five days and the results will be posted.


  1. Penny says:

    I find it ironic that people sionging about our country would be put down for singing in a language other than English..........isn't it patriotic anyway????

  1. Floyd says:

    I think it could be, I have not even heard much of it myself, so I can not comment further really than that.
    I think our National Anthem should convey what we stand for and what we are, it like the constitution has been around many years and the constitution never goes out of style.
    But in America we are free and that makes us differant from other countries, so I am open to anything. Because I believe in Liberty very strongly, so I believe people should sing or do whatever they please, but the National Anthem should stay as is, because to me it is part of who we are.
    What language it is sung in, well, any language would be fine, and whatever they feel that makes them free.
    I would like to look at it entirely, to make a comment on whether I like it, or if it would be patriotic??
    Patriotic to me is loving the country no matter what political party you are in, because there will be differant opinions always on that.
    Patriotic is serving your country if you are able to.
    Patriotic is loving people, all the people that make up this great free land in which we live,(my family migrated here from Ireland)
    This is not the first influx of migrants to America, the potato famine in Ireland in the mid to late 1800's brought a lot of us here, while religious persecution in England brought a lot here.
    They all came seeking to build something better and it became America which is a melting pot for the world, a lot of countries in the world would not even allow a song other than thier own. And this in itself makes America great, I would hate to have to live in a country where you could'nt sing what you wanted to or could not have religious freedom as you wanted to,I am glad I live in the greatest country on Earth, yes we have some problems, but we are all Americans.
    I do have ties to Ireland, such as food ,etc,etc. but I am an AMERICAN.
    I hope this answers your question and stop by here and comment on anything, I appreciate all you guys comments, and most of the time I will try and answer them,thanks again,,Floyd...

  1. Jim says:

    I think you're right ,Floyd. Those who want to punish migrants, immigrants, illegals (whatever you call them), are forgetting the history of our country. We are them.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right Jim, we are them. I know that you know this Jim but the Irish themselves felt the hand of prejudice, in New York City was some of the worst but that was long ago in the late 1800's into the 1900's, they would not even give a person a job there if they knew he was Irish. And like I said fried potatos and onions still are pretty tasty, but we are all AMERICANS, the immigrants are us and we are them.