No child left behind; The flawed agenda

Posted: 4/18/2006 by Floyd in

Thousands of test scores go unreported in the no child left behind, an act championed by President Bush. The act basicallly requires all students to achieve proficiency in reading and math by 2014.
Schools who recieve federal aid must demonstrate that all racial categories are meeting performance goals or risk penalities that include extending the school year, changing their curriculum or firing their administrators and teachers.
Sounds good dose'nt it, but a news flash is this; Kentucky and other states get around these reqirements by using a loop-hole in the law,the loop-hole allows schools to ignore racial groups that are too small to be statistically significant. This means about 13,000 Kentucky students are excluded from the schools test scores, the number is a little under 4%. Nearly 100% of those students whose test scores are excluded are black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American.
Nationally in an A.P about 1.9 million students or about one in every 14 test scores aren't being counted, this under the laws of the racial categories. The analysis also showed that Minorities were seven times as likely to have their scores excluded.
What does this mean? Well it seems no child left behind is leaving quite a few behind, allowing these loop-holes in the law. NAACP member Jimmy Keeton, who serves on the Ashland Independent School Board says, "the exclusion of some students scores mean myself and others need to keep tabs on certain student groups." Budget woes have led to cutbacks in school staff that could help identify and improve achievement gaps.
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  1. Pray for our schools. They are sadly in disorder.



  1. Floyd says:

    I will thanks Shirley for your comments stop by anytime.

  1. Gratis says:

    The NCLA is a joke, as far as I'm concerned. I've recently heard that the companies that score the tests have become so inundated, and equally underfunded, that their mistakes have gone through the roof. Another fine joke played on us by the king.

    By the way, I see that you've changed your look. You did, didn't you? I'm not imagining it? (It's late and I've been trying to figure out code for three hours)....Well, I love it. That's my favorite color green.

  1. Floyd says:

    hey Gratis,I agree with you that it is a joke because of the loop-holes the state gets away with,it won't work the way it is. Yes I changed it,it seems Caz,which is on the credits to the left sidebar,has the best templates and of all templates I have tryed Caz,by far is the best. On the no child left behind that was just kind of a slogan of the right wing,as far as implementing it correctly, well it just has not happened. The program does not work in it's current state.