Kentucky State Budget

Posted: 4/03/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Early Friday House and Senate leaders agreed on a nearly $18 billion state budget,this coming on an all-night negotiations that capped seven days of closed door talks. The budget will still have to be voted on by the full House and Senate which will occur on April 10,2006,the timing assures lawmakers would not be able to act on any line item veto by (Republican) Gov. Ernie Flecther after April 15,2006. The break down;
$50 million=computers in public school classrooms
$75 million=going toward a Louisville arena
$68 million=Improvements at Kentucky state parks
$17.5 million=to help rebuild 3 dams on the Kentucky River
$32 million=Authorization for Kentucky River to issue bonds to pay for improvements
$1.5 million=Additional coal mine inspectors
$185 million=Toward construction of two bridges across the Ohio River at Louisville
Teachers=2% pay pay raise next year and a $3,500 across-the-board raise the following year
In other notes largest increases going to state workers making less than $30,000 a year those making more than $80,000 would get smaller ones($400/$1,350 increase) Also the negotiators voted to make the 1.1 cent per gallon tax increase permanent.
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