Fed Inspectors: Katrina Contracts Wasteful - Yahoo! News

Posted: 4/10/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Government paying inflated prices for clean up of New Orleans?
We would not have guessed that. This is a good story don't know how long the link will hold up,five star rating,may I add something? Remember when the king wanted to keep Union labor out of there? Well I said it before these contractors are getting rich and marking up the price probably far above a decent Union wage,they hired guys for about $6 an hour or less and took "us" to the bank. This is just one of many things our government has done,with our tax money. The Union hating king wants us to work for nothing all the while the companies run back and forward to the bank,it is a good system if you want to get rich from the middle-class.
Fed Inspectors: Katrina Contracts Wasteful - Yahoo! News


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