Boycott big oil companies?

Posted: 4/19/2006 by Floyd in

Saw an article in the paper talking about basically boycotting the big boys at Exxon/Mobil,and saying it might cause them to bring down the prices a little. I have been hearing these greedy boys are going to try for the $4 a gallon gas and you know something it is very possible,we see daily how the price continues to climb but what really bugs me is these excuses they keep giving for this while all the while overlooking exactly what is the real reason,and I'm talking about greed yes good old fashioned greed. You know I am sick and tired of hearing about Katrina causing this or maybe it is the Arabs?
Or tomorrow they might come up with some other lame excuse,wow this must be a rant? How about this Exxon/Mobil has set records in quarterly and overall net income both,gulping down our blood money at the tune of $10.7 billion for the fourth quarter and yearly totals exceed $36 billion,up nearly 31% from the previous year. Does those numbers sound to you that they are hurting from a hurricane or suffering in any way? "Big Oil" would rather fill the pockets of it's executives than worry about our hard earned money,I searched the web and found this picture I figured it would sum up what is happening here and also will insert a link to a previous blog of mine on how rich the executives really are. In this article also it is noted that our gasoline usage will go up 1.5% more this summer than last summer,in other words we need this gas and they know it,kind of like a bunch of vultures waiting to swoop down on us. Now I am wondering where is all the Iraqi oil? I know,it is supposed to be used in rebuilding the country over there. But to the main-stream media,,,enough already we are sick of these excuses just talk about something else or read some blogs and get more intelligent!
Within reason - Oil prices stay above $71 a barrel


  1. Boorach says:

    You should come over to the UK where we currently pay 95p per LITRE for petrol (or gas as you confusingly call it - what do you call gas?)
    Anyway that equates to $6.40 for a US gallon and rising!

    Or try Venezuela at $1 for 25 litres!

  1. Floyd says:

    Gasoline companies are getting filthy rich,as stated their earnings show that we are talking over $36 billion up 31% from the previous year that is showing me that the industry is making a pretty good hefty profitt,and if you guys in the U.K are paying over $6.00 a gallon that is telling me that your companies are getting twice as rich. Here in America we call it gas or gasoline or petroleum,and only a few years ago we only paid a little over a dollar a gallon for it. But of course the demand would be a little higher in the states than in the U.K. The commute sometimes is fifty miles or over in the states running around in an S.U.V takes a little more fuel, we have thousands of differant (gas) companies in America and they have to stay somewhat competative to exist,however Exxon and Mobil are now one. We know their works by their profitt margin. See also the link at the end of this post to know how their executives are fairing these days.