Ten commandments bill approved in Kentucky

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Frankfurt,Ky. The ten commandments could be posted in schools and government buildings and a large monument with the biblical directives would be placed outside the capital under legislation awaiting the signature of Gov. Ernie Flecther,an ordained Baptist minister. "The governor looks forward to signing the bill," said Brett Hall,spokesman for the Republican governor who is currently in the hospital where he is being treated for a blood clot. "I'm sure he will be very happy to hear this news." The measure passed on a vote of 90/5 without debate on Friday,it drew immeadiate criticism from the American Civil Liberty Union of Kentucky. Democrat Jody Richards of Bowling Green said he believes the measure is constitutional because the commandments would be part of displays with other historical documents,"It's a bill that the people of Kentucky largely support,"Richards said. A provision was also to include the return of a 6-foot-tall granite monument bearing the ten commandments to the lawn outside the state Capital. The structure is now on display at the Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge in Hopkinsville in Southwestern Kentucky. The monument was donated to the state in 1971 by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. A battle ensued in 2001 that resulted in the state paying more than $120,000 in attorney fees to the ACLU. The measure will also call on reinstatement of In God We Trust,posted back on the wall of the House of Represenatives. (Excerpt from the Middlesboro Daily News; March 11,2006)
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  1. Oh god! This is starting to look like something out of the movies!


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    Thanks for the comment Poetryman,I checked out your blog you have a very nice blog. Come around anytime.