Senate Votes to Raise U Debt Limit to Nearly $9 Trillion - New York Times

Posted: 3/16/2006 by Floyd in

The Senate voted today to raise the national debt limit to nearly $9 trillion,averting what would have been the first default ever on United States Treasury notes,the vote was 52-48 all Democrats voted no and a handful of Republicans. A good quote from Harry Reid,"any objective analysis of our country's fiscal history would have to conclude this administration and this rubberstamping Republican Congress are the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of our country,in fact,no other president or congress even comes close." I agree with Mr. Reid this is the most wasteful president and congress ever,and the ones footing the bill is the retires and the working class. Until America wakes up and sees for itself what disarray we are in nothing will change,it is kinda like spitin in the wind. I think the numbers now is us and our children and grand-children owe about $30,000 each for this big mess created by Bush and his GOP Congress and Senate. This can't continue at the rate it is now sooner or later we have to pay the piper and as I have said before there is only so much programs you can cut from the disabled and poor of this country,when the well goes dry the upper-class will have to eventually pay,in other words this will not work. We have a Tyrannosaurus Rex on our hands in Iraq and the homefront has become stagnant after Katrina victims were put on the back burner nothing is being done,the trailers are still in Arkansas the last I heard. Our military launched an air assault on the resistance in Iraq and I am not sure but the last I heard the media not allowed there,yes,the government seems to be controlling the media but that is not really a shock.
Senate Votes to Raise U.S. Debt Limit to Nearly $9 Trillion - New York Times
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