Security Issues

Posted: 3/17/2006 by Floyd in

Today the Republicans voted down an amendment to strengthen our port security,yes the very ones who claim to have our interest in mind on securing our ports of entry. The very ones to run in November of this year on security and daily it seems that they (the right) do something even more idiotic than the day before,now in earlier years I myself have cast a few conservative votes but the view I read daily from news sources around the net is just mind bogling,the very thing the conservatives hold dear which is according to Frist and the others oh yeah and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is security. Only ones who will buy this in the mid-terms are people living in a bubble and not in tune of what is going on in this country,the port security needs addressed as well as the land borders first you had the UAE wanting to run things and Frist seam to grow a backbone before backing down,my name for him now is flip-flopping Frist and very well could be the nominee for the 08 presidental election or at least hopes of being the nominee. Anyway I would like to take the time to thank the Repugs for slamming security I just wonder,,hmm.? Will they ever come out and admit to the public?
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