The Ports

Posted: 3/08/2006 by Floyd in


  1. And Thursday the Deal sank...dead in the water...we will see what happens next and pray that Halliburton/KBR doesn't swoop in to resusitate the Deal for themselves....

    ( or Carlyle....etc...)

    Great picture...

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey enigma I hope it is not revived,this was a bad deal to begin with,anyone with ties to 9/11 does not need to be controlling our ports.

  1. I agree...But something about this whole thing is very fishy....and yes, a Company that has ties to the same Bank that has ties to Certain Charity Foundations with Questionable ties is a problem....( HolyLand Foundation)...I am amazed that Bush preaches Protect the Homeland and then intended to sneak this through, whole spying on American Citizens under the quise of "Security", And isn't a fair amount of military supplies etc shipped through our ports, esp on the East Coast?
    unreal. ( And Bush acted so strange about this whole mess....)

  1. Floyd says:

    You got that right and Bush had America fooled all the way,with the bull he is feeding them on terrorism,it seems all he was concerned for is the almighty dollar and security is playing no roll except maybe to get votes for the GOP.