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Posted: 3/03/2006 by Floyd in

Bill Frist who came out against the ports being controlled by the U.A.E. now is falling in line with the axis,now this cool decision making is from a guy who will possibly run for President in 2008 and would be counted on to make decisions and stand by them and this fuddled up mess shows him to be weak. Yes weak and unable to stand by what he says,they are even doing polls now on whether we just do not like the Arabs? This is stupid and misleading and what are the facts simply put is their (U.A.E) tract record on terror,like maybe helping fund it in the past but according to the king now have become reformed. It seems every day is worse than yesterday and sometimes I wonder what scandal I should talk about today maybe the port deal which is not in our interest,maybe it would be the Katrina scandal and how the top dogs including the king were briefed before the levees broke? maybe it would be the Abramoff deal? it seems lately everything is a terrific mess and we don't know what to blog about and a good question would be what exactly is getting fixed? Maybe we could blog about Chertoff,he not only acts like he knows who's on first,he doesn't even know who's playing? You know what's ironic we don't need to know who's screwing Monica but really we need to know who's screwing America. I wonder if the 38% approval rating of the king is those folks who just watch the local news or is it the folks who have lost count of the scandals and the lying? I wonder if New Orleans will ever be fixed under this administration,the flip-flopper Frist is now on the band wagon of the Axis I knew it was all talk it seems Washington has no spine left and that leaves us with the ultimate question whose interests are they really looking out for?
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