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Posted: 3/21/2006 by Floyd in

It is called Zookoda and it is an e-mail service that you manage,note the little box on the top right of my blog. This is unlike feedblitz or bloglet,you have control over your mailings and manage everything yourself. When I run into these sometimes useful tools I like to pass it on to my readers,to see if they are interested and to share information I have found Qumana as a useful blog tool for me also,I have just started using Zookoda but it sounds very promising. It would also be good for industry where you might be selling something and want to manage the list yourself. Oh by the way it is free and free is good,,is'nt it?
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  1. FeedBlitz absolutely lets you control delivery, although some options, such as on demand, are a premium service. It does everything Zookoda does and more (OPML syndication, more in-depth analytics, performance).

    There's a reason FeedBlitz iz the leading provider in this space.

  1. Hey Phil thanks for the info.,I would also agree feedblitz is the leading provider in this field,Zookoda is just up and coming and you can update with feedblitz to a turbo-subscriber for $1.59 per feed. But I thought I would give zookoda a try because all functions are free,and it can handle multible blog,mailing lists,e-mails and broadcasts. Zookoda can be used to send an e-mail once a week or set up to automatic e-mail readers of your latest blog posts and if need be can be enhanced to fit into whatever layout you have,I gave it a try and like I say anything free is worth looking into.