Mad cow disease

Posted: 3/13/2006 by Floyd in

Mad cow disease has finally made it there are about 3 cases,however they say and you know we listen to what "they say," that the meat has not made it in our food supply. So we did not get it in the milk or the meat,kinda makes you wonder why those guys even have the cattle to begin with,oh,maybe they were pets?



  1. wow, another newly redecorated space- looks so nice- new wallpaper and other goodies...I saw about the Mad Cow and I am puzzled because the Papers really didn't say much about that Cow down in Texas last summer..

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey enigma,yeah I am still trying to work on it,you know me just like to change,but I will keep this one for a while. Mad cow is here I think there may be more than they are telling us?

  1. There have been some deaths out west in Oregon, Idaho and Utah that are said to be CK disease.
    but if you google BSE + Idaho or Oregon you will find the articles from fall....if you want I can look for them...
    but I would start there...

    ( In Idaho I think it is up to 11 and yes, Diet studies were done..)

    CK Disease or BSE..let me know if you want the full medical name...