Kentucky seat-belt law

Posted: 3/16/2006 by Floyd in

Last month a bill failed to pass the house on a 49-48 vote,the bill needed 51 votes to pass. Gov. Flecther has been trying to muster support for this bill but has not really gained enough GOP support to get the job done,Flecther is calling to allow another vote on the issue. The bill is legislation to allow police to stop and ticket motorists solely for not wearing their seat-belts. This is the kind of bills that you always see the GOP pushing,and never a Democrat,these are the kinds of bills that work their ways into law and little by little take away our rights as citizens and turn them over to the state control. The seat-belt law does save lives and that we can agree on but I do not believe that the police should have a right to pull you over just because you are not wearing your belt,you might be hurting or sick or maybe you just forgot,you are in a way putting your own safety in danger but you not wearing a belt is not subject to injure anyone else. Now children that is another matter,Flecther's office said it should not be about politics,it should be about saving lives. It sounds all good,if it is not for really enriching the state in fines and that is what Flecther is all about. Technorati Tags : , , .
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