Go for broke!!

Posted: 3/06/2006 by Floyd in

The U.S treasury secretary John Snow says America has reached its debt limit of $8.2 trillion dollars,heck of a job to Bush and his conservative congress majority who have took us where no one has before all I can say is,wow. The extension is needed by mid-March and if the limit is not increased the government could find it difficult to borrow money or pay its debts,and believe me it has many unpaid debts. This will be the fourth time that George Bush has asked the Republican dominated congress to do this,it costs quite a bit to rebuild Iraq after bombing it so much and Afghanistan it needs reconstruction for us to pay for,and it cost a lot spending like there is no tomorrow,there are only so many programs for the poor and retired people you can take from to run this mess. The Republican led congress and Senate along with the President have built up huge deficits,may I say the worst in history. In blogging as I have said before there is always another disaster to talk about and the deficit is a big one and every day that goes by seems worse than yesterday,tapping of the civil service fund,Medicare,Medicaid,student loans and others like these targeted will soon not measure up,,its time to pay the piper. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4780844.stm

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  1. Jim says:

    From what I've read,the Bush government will have to take money out of the federal emplyees' retirement fund to keep the government running until Congress raises the debt ceiling (which it always does).

  1. Floyd says:

    hi Jim,,the government is in massive debt under this administration,they will have to take money to keep it going till the next time. What scares me is when the cow may go dry?

  1. And Unca Dick has the nerve to come out and say that we all need to be better at SAVING????

    ( So let me get this straight....Our Personal Savings are at the same level as the 1930's- doesn't that say alot ?)

    good post as usual... thanks..I will lurk about for a bit.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey enigma,glad to see you lurking about,it looks like we may be broke very soon. But the answer is just get a bigger credit limit.