Election fraud

Posted: 3/04/2006 by Floyd in

Ever wonder how secure our election process is? A story out of the Lexington Herald will help answer this: Wise,VA. An investigation that began with allegations that cigarettes,alcohol and even pork rinds,yes that's right pork rinds,lead to the indictment yesterday of the mayor and 13 other people on charges of fixing the May 2004 election fraud and corruption. The 14 were indicted on charges of fixing the 2004 election in Appalachia,a town of about 2,000 just across the Kentucky state line from Letcher County. A 269 count indictment includes a town councilman,a police captain and a police Officer. Mayor Ben Cooper,who also is the town manager and runs the police department,faces about 240 charges and "more time than he could possibly serve." They were alledged to be securing votes with the smokes,liquor and bags of pork rinds. There were also an indictment alleges 55 instances of illegal tampering with absentee ballots,nearly 20% of the 585 votes cast were by absentee. The indictment also alleges a conspiracy to appoint a head of the police department who draws a salary but does not work. This story part taken from the March 3,2006 issue of the Lexington Herald.
This is corruption at its worst in America,makes you wonder how many more have indulged in such practices? The election process needs monitored more closely so this kind of stuff does not happen again in other elections across the nation and in other communities just a little blog to let America know election fraud is real and it should be a concern to all of us.