Double Standard

Posted: 3/21/2006 by Floyd in

The double standard played out today in America and setting a child molester free,25 year old Debra Lafave walked out today with a slap on the wrist,prosecuters dropping charges against her. She came out with 7 years probation and a few weeks house arrest for molesting a 14 year old boy in the class room and also in her home,and even a sport utility vehicle. This kind of conduct is just as bad as a 25 year old man molesting a 14 year old girl,but in America these cases are treated quite differant in male versus female and why is this so? Well it would seem we need to work on our judical system,she should have served jail time and been put on the sex offender list,that is what needed to happen because this woman is sick and in need of help not to mention that a crime has been committed. This to me only sends the wrong message to would be perpertrators of these kinds of crimes whether it be male or female,because the next one could say well ole Debra got away with it,this sends the wrong message indeed.
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