Deadly force

Posted: 3/21/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Kentucky,A resident of rural Boyd County,Rowland Burns on Nov 11,2005 discovered an intruder within his home around the middle of the night Burns who is 65 years old struggled with the intruder,and ended up shooting and killing the intruder to protect himself and his family. In answering Burns said,"he took away all my options,I had no options left." The police agreed no charges were ever filed against Burns,there is legislation pending in Kentucky and 12 other states that would offer protection to people who use deadly force against intruders who invade their homes. After the Burns case some wonder if this legislation is necessary,Rep. Kathy Stein,D-Lexington believes it is offered for political gain,in elections later this year voters will choose 100 represenatives and 19 senators. There is a 1975 law on the books that allow the people of Kentucky to use deadly force against persons who invade their homes,that is why the state did'nt persue charges in the above case. Legislation is on the agenda to codify case law back to 1931,giving us the right to: Protect ourselves,our familes and our property,even if that means using deadly force. Even against criminals who break into cars,as in "carjackings." The measure has overwhelming support in the house and the senate. The NRA is lobbying lawmakers in Kentucky and 12 other states,about half of all other states have similar rules on the books. The NRA is pushing a so called "no retreat" legislation,a similar legislation  is signed into law in South Dakota. In the states of Mississippi and Indiana have passed legislation and are awaiting the signature of the governors. If an intruder enters your home instead of retreating you can use deadly force,whether or not it to be political I have not known any cases prosecuted due to using deadly force in your own home,when you are home there is nowhere left to run,on the safety issue if you have children it would be best to have a locked cabinet to store firearms in because you can't always watch those kids. I would encourage anyone reading this blog,never,never,be careless with firearms,a lot of deaths "accidental" due to firearms could be prevented if taken the right precautions and guns don't kill people,people kill people.
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