Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor - Netscape News

Posted: 3/31/2006 by Floyd in

The army bans private body armor and criticizes Dragon Skin,I will provide a link if it still exists on the Dragon Skin and if I am not mistaken it was tested and found to stop rounds from penetrating the armor,so once again we are not getting the story here only part of it. If the Army can not provide armor for the troops then why do not they let them wear something? I always thought something was better than nothing.
Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor - Netscape News
Here is the link to Dragon skin the above article is reffering to :Pirates of the Caribbean
This body armor was found to stop 3-7.62 x 39 mm. rounds,it seems everyday you read something more stupid than the previous one but the news itself should be researching their stories more and at least trying to get them right. This Iraq war has taken it's toll on many families and some family members as well as teambio=Bring it on!,have attempted to help in this matter and then I turn on the computer today and read the crap about the Army banning private body armor. It seems things going on today is really hard to believe,I have been scanning the news agencies but have not heard anymore at this time but to tell you the truth America when it comes to the news I believe only follows whatever Washington is saying and if it would hurt the now in the gutter king's poll numbers. So does the news mostly get the facts right or just print what they are told? It is a false statement saying Dragon Skin has not been tested and tryed,,,now you decide.
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Here is another link to Netscape on this body armor issue;
Army orders soldiers to stop wearing commercial body armor - Netscape News


  1. Jim says:

    What are they thinking? I know you are as strong an advocate for our soldiers as I am, yet try as I might I cannot fabricate, guess or invent a reasonable explanation for this latest travesty.

    Family bought protection doesn't meet the forces'standards ? What standards can you have when we have guys and gals totally unarmored ? To me, this means the difference between life and death; why choose death ?

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Jim,,I could not believe this when I saw it so I blogged it,because I had remembered the article I had linked to about the Dragon Skin armor. Which as you read stopped a 7.62 round,hell the guy said he did not even feel it,our guys to which I was one some years ago now,are being sent armor by their families because the damn government has them there unprotected,and bring it on blog has also been helping out to get them armor on a drive they have been having and some or most of the proceeds going to buy armor for our troops. The news article is not quite right because you read for yourself Dragon Skin has been tested in the field,and to me that is a pretty good test. Jim of all the dumb things they have done this has got to be the dumbest,any protection is better than nothing at all but, they (Army) can't get armor to protect our soldiers,America in debt up to our eyeballs due to the rubberstamping President and congress and apparently does not want us or the soldiers family to get them any armor either. I could preach aLL NITE about this but Jim all I can say is I could not believe it when I read it.

  1. glenda says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Law enforcement has better armor than the troops get.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Glenda you got that right,what is so disturbing is they won't even let their families and us through our quote unquote bake sales give them any,it is really very sad and I feel badly for them over there risking their lives and like I said before any armor is better than none at all.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thank you Paramendra for the link,very good writing and information indeed.

  1. It's a crying shame that we are paying billions in social costs for illegal aliens, have sent the National Guard to Iraq and can't buy decent body armor for them?

  1. Floyd says:

    It is a real shame,thanks for the comments Ted. I hope that link holds up because when I read on Netscape news how the private armor would not be allowed I could not believe what I was reading,to think we would spend billions and billions on this and that and can not afford to protect our troops over there in danger and the gall of the (Army) now having said that private body armor will not be allowed,it is really disturbing when you look at it in context and I say again that any armor is better than none at all. It is saying really that since your family or someone doing a drive to help out,,well now you will not be allowed to wear it,,you see how it sounds when it is really broken down as to what is going on? It is like saying take off your vest and get back in the hot zone,I guess I was lucky to be in the military not in war time but feel so sorry for the ones there now risking their lives daily and now they get this thrown at them,this has to be the worst mess and ill mananged debacle I could ever imagine but let us keep them in our prayers and hearts. My sister's son who also is an ex-marine and now in law enforcement,he is also an EX-conservative after I got on to him and got him so to speak; Surfing for the truth...

  1. The CEO of the company in the military's favor had a 10 million dollar birthday party for his 10 year old duaghter. Featured was 50 cent and Aerosmith. This after is came to light his company actually made a faulty product.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey left of center thanks,I had heard something to that effect. It is so unnerving to read all that is going on in this country is unreal,it was not long ago I read on "one veteran's voice"
    about the birthday party. Turn's out the guy made a fortune on this defective armor,it just seems like anymore as day by day goes by it is just one more idiotic thing coming out after the other,and it is really sad to,sad for the troops because it is them who will get hurt in the end.
    I think now there is ,don't quote me but it is over 17,000 wounded in the line of duty.

  1. Marty says:

    Linked here from "Details". Nice blog you have here. The reason the military refuses to let the soldiers use this body armor is because THEIR contractors didn't provide it. When they wear out then THEIR contractors get the money to replace them.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks Marty,thanks for the info.I figured as much.I have also noticed not much news coming out on this subject,I am glad bloggers are around to keep us informed because the mainstream media is just not cutting it anymore.