Abortion; a done deal

Posted: 3/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Gov. Mike Rounds of South Dakota has signed a sweeping abortion law,the GOP now is sensing a victory in the stacked supreme court have started the anti-abortion crusade against women,and basically what they can do with their own bodies. What should be between a woman and her immediate family is about to be delegated by the government,it has been a long drawn out process since Roe , but now seems to be a predestined defeat by the backwards right wing of America,this will set us back years and abortions will be performed in unsanitary citations endangering the life of the mother. The axis against the rights of women is being now waged in anticipation of the heavy right wing of the court to make it a done deal,and set women back before 1973. Measures have been passed in Arizona,Indiana and Kentucky to try and damage what should be the right of a woman to choose what she is to do,in other words ladies if you get pregnant even by accident and cannot take care of the baby you must have it so says the government,or risk your life otherwise. Back to watching leave it to beaver and father knows best,this will be next to censure the airways in what we watch on television,will it stop at abortion? No not really because after that the "right" will decide what else might be offensive or otherwise should not be viewed. Abortion,,that is about a done deal,kind makes you wonder what else might be on the agenda???
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