Verizon sued

Posted: 2/20/2006 by Floyd in

Aparrently Verizon has been sued due to illegal wire-tapping,I would call it fall-out from the NSA spying scandal and would guess that more law suits will follow. The administration contends that it is perfectly legal to use wire-tapping the question being where do you draw the line in what is supposed to be a free society? The attorney general when questioned also stood behind the administration and maintains the taps are legal without a court order,noone is above the law but here lately it seems more and more that the administration seems to do as it pleases and simply states it is legal and the public like sheep seem to follow that trend. But if Americans feel that it is O.K. to spy on them who am I to judge,back when the story broke it was said only to create back-log for the F.B.I and really accomplishes nothing but yet they insist it is needed and until America says we have had enough then this is come to be expected.
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  1. Godknows says:

    enjoued reading your blog, its very different to mine.

  1. Floyd says:

    Yes it is,I enjoy your blog also you manage a lot of times to have some very savory dishes,do not be a stranger.,