The turmoil that is Karina

Posted: 2/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Chertoff takes the heat but will things change? It seems anymore that everyone is talking but nothing is getting done,it seems noone knows what to do anymore. The same ole same ole thing,but another day and here we are knowing the administration knew of the devestation in New Orleans not to mention Mississippi but yet being slugish on getting the job done,trailers from FEMA are sinking in the Arkansas mud and noone yet knows what to do. So this is where we are and the trailers are still collecting dust in Hope Arkansas,talk about incompetence,one question posed to Mike was why Mike Brown was in charge? Are now they mad at Mr.Brown because he fingered them? Looks like they may be you see America when you break it down within reason,you can begin to see the light and understanding of this mess. Mr. Brown had no kind of experience in matters such as Katrina,does that mean Chertoff is more competent than Brown? No way the whole bunch is out of the loop,and why they came up with local being responsible is byond me; First Chertoff should been in contact with the federal response after all Chertoff is boss,well if we fire Chertoff next who then will be in charge? Chertoff made the big mistakes but the cold hard facts is he still is or the new FEMA head,you know the Admiral well the trailers are still sitting,this is incompetence of the administration in general not just one individual,this is conservative government at its best and basically the country is left a total wreck in their wake.


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