Selling a failed plan

Posted: 2/02/2006 by Floyd in

Bush invites people from foreign countrys to do the jobs americans can't? Teaching,Science,etc.etc.
Takes plan on the road to sell to uninformed americans,Repugs on the other hand changed faces and said we are on the side of middle-class americans,vote for us in the mid-term elections. It is also time to ask for a few more billion to fight the Iraq war this coming on the heels of cuts to the average and poor americans,through medicaid,medicare,colledge loans. This thing just goes from bad to worse every day that goes by, CNN now has video of Mexican troops on the border now it is in the news but the bloggers played a big part in getting this in the open,while Mike was still in the dark about the matter. Where do we begin? Good question I would gladly value your comments,for one the border must be secured because it could be an entrance for terrorism that in itself is enough,we are worried and the Repugs are preaching about wanting to listen in on phone calls of american citizens yet the border is being forgot,look at this in context does not it sound at best foolish and yet that is what is happening. They are cutting education,medicare and medicaid(the Repugs)yet they want $170 billion more to fund this war.
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