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Posted: 2/19/2006 by Floyd in

Free blogging tool I am posting to my blog using this,from time to time I browse around looking for useful blogging tools and came across this,it will post it has drag and drop features also,you can add tags,HTML,advertising,post e-mail and post to your blog or blogs. it also has spell check and a lot more features,this is a very good blogging tool you can download from the link above. You can take a tour of its features and see if it would help you,I have just starting using it but it seems to do a good job on HTML and posting so far. You simply type in the HTML you want and it makes the link,very good tool. Post to your blog from anywhere with this item.Technorati Tags : , , , to get the previous HTML I simply hit Tag,thats it.
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  1. Arieanna says:

    Thanks for your trial of Qumana. We hope you like it! I'd love to hear your feedback - what you like most, features you'd like to see, etc. Feel free to email us any time. Cheers.