Protesters from Kansas visit Kentucky

Posted: 2/09/2006 by Floyd in

This is about a Baptist Church from Kansas who go around the country protesting the war in Iraq the way they do it is not respectful of soldiers or their families,they were at Fort Cambell today with flags up-side down and this is where we were having a memorial for some of the 1o1st. that were killed in Iraq. They protested in West Virginia where the miners were killed and also last week at Coretta King's funeral,I know this sounds stupid but alas it is taking place. They reffered to us saying "You can tell the Kentucky Taliban they can't pass enough laws to shut us up."
Did I miss something here? Are these people crack-pots? What jumped out at me was the West Virgina miners,these people are not playing with a full deck here. Being a veteran myself it sounds like these people may need to go to the combat zone awhile themselves,and to all veteran's out there these scum are not the only one's you are fighting for there are millions of us who praise you for your service and know the honor that is within you is within us. Capt. Dana Krull said "Its just ironic,""They're protesting the very institution that protects their right to protest." Yes they are Capt. because they either do not know any better or it is all for publicity,I would venture to vote for the later reason because that is the only logical explanation I can come up with on this one.
AP Wire | 02/08/2006 | Church protesters demonstrate at Fort Campbell