Practice what you preach.

Posted: 2/21/2006 by Floyd in

This could have been called the big sale-out for freedom but I like the title practice what you preach,it seems lately the president and everyone close to him have been running around the country trying to sell us on the notion of the NSA spying for our own good. And Chertoff wow talk about dumb, he is running around trying to concentrate on Homeland Security while selling out the ports of this country to the United Arab Emirates,to which some involved with 9/11 were tied to, and it seems that all the administration is doing is blank talk and they have no interest in fighting terror at all except when it benefits them personally. How can they talk about securing the borders of this country and talk about handing part of the borders over to the U.A.E.,what an idiotic move by the administration and Chertoff in the lead,this is a man very concerned with our security and safety? Now we really need the NSA to spy on Americans so I suppose the U.A.E. controlling our ports is fine with America also,I think maybe next they should consider Fidel watching our southeastern ports and making sure they are safe and secure,sarcasm you might say,,well it is the cold hard facts,the administration can talk the talk,but they can't walk the walk. Chertoff stated "We make sure there are assurances in place,in general,sufficient to satisfy us that the deal is appropriate from a national security standpoint." Sounds real good but is not this the guy (Chertoff) who also said not long ago that the Mexican military who crossed into Texas was an overblown deal? The same guy who made a circus out of Katrina,was not he the guy in ultimate charge? Yes Mike Brown had the title with FEMA,but Chertoff was the one who was supposed to be in charge of Mike Brown. You take all this mess and add that Continental Stevedoring & Terminals Inc.,has filed suit in a Florida court challenging the deal. Is Chertoff supposed to be part of the axis that is keeping us safe? It seems the war on terror is a smoke screen,and it seems also that lately the smoke is beginning to clear.


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