Paying the price

Posted: 2/01/2006 by Floyd in

Well america this is it the Repugs have jammed a budget cut aimed at the middle-class with the student loans and aimed at the poor through the medicaid program,this is what I have expected when it comes time to pay up guess who suffers? Everything aimed at the middle-class and the poor to pay up now from this rubber stamp spending by the conservative congress and the King. When this happens it is always the programs that hurt the middle-class and the poor of this country,I only hope that america is awake and that the mid-term elections put a stop to this attack basically on the back-bone of america. No matter where you are on the political spectrum you have to see this as it is because I know the majority of bloggers out there are middle-class, and can here the drum banging out there now saying vote america,vote. Should always the middle-class pay for every mess that comes along? Should every screw-up be carried on our shoulders? Should our children who are trying to further their education pay for this mess? Should the poor and most needy of america be made to suffer? Should the medicare paid by me and you be a used as a pawn for the elite? Just because a congressman is from my district or yours do they have our true interests at heart? These are the questions to be asked in mid-terms these are the questions that need answers and these are questions that you and I ponder because these are questions that truely affect us and our children,our children need a good education and our elders of the country need what little money alloted to them monthly,they are cutting into medicaid,medicare and student loans are we on the right track by doing these things? Only you can answer these questions but I would only say to ponder them carefully in the up-coming elections and draw your on conclusions.
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