On the backs of the middle-class and the poor

Posted: 2/05/2006 by Floyd in

With the deficit topping 400 trillion it is time to cut benefits to the poor the middle-class,and children? As I have said many times in previous posts it boils down to the most weak in the nation
who pays the price. From what I've read into this article it is the WIC program mentenioned today, which mostly benefits children of this country and of cource medicare,medicaid and student loans. We would not have to worry about so much the visa issue if we would allow our citizens to get better education to fill these tech. jobs. But we all must make our commitment to the budget crunch to which they(administration)created themselves by foolish spending and rubber-stamping
I knew sooner or later we would have to pay up,just as I knew who would be paying for it.

Domestic Agencies Face Cuts in Bush Budget - Yahoo! News


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