More red tape from FEMA

Posted: 2/16/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Well the site where the trailers are staged in Hope Arkansas was toured today almost six months after the actual hurricane Katrina devestated the Gulf Coast,spokesman for FEMA earlier had stated the trailers were being damaged and ready to be junked. Well the people on the scene disagree there are 10,777 manufactured homes (trailers) staged in the Hope Arkansas area,a John McDermont and Jerry Hall stated "there is no damage" talk about incompetence. A represenative from Arkansas (D) Mike Ross is going to talk to Homeland Security today about this mess,only last week 12,000 or so were kicked out of hotels by FEMA these people could use these trailers,I ask you now,does anyone know what to do in Washington? Mr. Ross also said FEMA was planning to haul 6-8 million dollars worth of gravel to Arkansas to sit these trailers on,this just gets better and better don't it? I would like to take the time to thank (D)Mike Ross of Arkansas who has a lot of common sense,they (CNN) threw out there that FEMA has said they hoped to get a better reception in Louisiana,you know the same crap they use all the time well Mike had his act together. "Some parishes do not allow manufactured homes,however most of them do,and not one of the 10,777 trailers,not even one has been taken anywhere in the Gulf," FEMA has said it can't sit them(the trailers)in a flood zone which happens to be the ninth ward,imagine that. Another quote I liked was,"what they need is a good dose of common sense."
So will any of the displaced people of the Gulf get any of these maybe,at least they are talking about it in the news again and maybe not,but I wish CNN and others in the media would quit using those stupid cliches and coddling to indiscriminate ramblings,but it is nice to see them run into someone who makes them to be the fools they are.