Medicare Drug Plan,what I've learned

Posted: 2/07/2006 by Floyd in

While shopping at Wal-Mart I saw a gentleman signing up enrollees into Medicare-part-D,so I walk over and get some info. He was selling through HUMANA and was just for Kentucky in one booklet I obtained from him,question? How the basic coverage of the Medicare perscription drug plan works,#1-you pay a yearly deductible of $250,before the benefit starts,#2-then you pay 25%
of the cost of your drugs until your drug costs reach $2,250,NOTE; This is the total cost of your drugs,not just your out-of-pocket costs. #3-after that you pay 100% of your drug costs from $2,250/$5,100 in other words you pay the next $2,850. #4-then you pay 5% of your drug cost for the rest of the calender year. Sign up is November 15,2005/May 15,2006 if you don't join during this time your premiums may be increased by one percent for every month you delay.
The represenative told me he had plans from about $12/$90 a month the plan I have quoted above is about thirty some bucks a month. You will pay a copayment for each perscription drug until total drug costs reach the $2,250/Generics-$5/Perferred-$30/$35/Non-perferred-$60/
Specialty-25% coinsurance. Also of note in this book in bold print; Be careful when considering PDPs that are seperate from your MA plan. If you enroll in a PDP by itself,you may lose your existing MA benefits. So make sure they are not seperate or Medicare approved you could lose your Medicare coverage? It might be good for us to take a lawyer with us,and since there is this much red-tape involved I am wondering is it worth it,by the way I have not enrolled yet,the way it is set up it would not help that much for the headache.
Phone Num. for Humana= 1-800-850-0713,for hearing impaired call= 1-877-833-4486
Web address is
Medicare web address is
Social Security Administration=1-800-772-1213,hearing imparied call=1-800-325-0778
Medicare and Medicaid services=1-800-633-4227,hearing impaired call=1-877-486-2048
Social Security web address is