Kentucky Rep. proposes ban on ABORTION

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Some Kentucky lawmakers are trying to ban abortion,this would be in direct conflict with the 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade. Nearly 40 House members have tagged their names to the plan,sponsored by Boone County Rep.Addia Wuchner(Republican)which that part you would have guessed already. It would create a challenge to Federal law,Wucher said. Rep. Wuchner first announced her plans at a Capital rally last week,under her proposal a woman would be considered legally pregnant starting at fertillization,and the state law would declare "each human being is totally unique immeadiately at fertilization. " If passed Wucher said,the plan would "probably be challenged in courts." (Republican)Gov. Ernie Flecther's spokeswoman Jodi Witaker said the governor has "always been a strong supporter" of such legislation. But she went further to comment,"it appears to raise issues concerning Roe v. Wade," she was quoted as saying in a statement. "In the past,the governor has supported legislation that exempts rape and incest." This is another direct quote from Wucher; "The point is for the state to decide where we stand on abortion first of all. And we could do that by our vote here on the House floor." Rep. Mary Lou Marzian( D)-Louisville said,it showed "no respect" for women's privacy and would be unconstitutional,she went on to say,a return to the days when abortions were illegal would jepardize women's safety. When abortion was outlawed in the past,it led to maiming of women,Marzian said. Rep. Kathy Stein(D)Lexington,was quoted as saying the reconstituted Supreme Court may have given hope to anti-abortion advocates. She went on to say this is a big election year in Kentucky the biggest ballot she has seen,"I think a lot of my colleagues are willing to jump on the bandwagon and sell out the women of Kentucky."Sarah Grant who is a retired social worker from Louisville said such a move "would be a tragedy." "I think that needs to remain to be an option for people to have that choice for the health of the mother,the health of the fetus,I think it's important for a choice to remain available for people that need that opportunity."(reporter Joe Biesk statehouse reporter for the associated press)
This is the kind of thing I hate and I am a man yes a man,who believes it is a woman's right to do with her own body what she decides to do,it should be between her and her family and whatever conclusion they would come to not the government. And I would also agree that these anti-abortion radicals know that the court has been stacked in their favor,everyone of these so called court appointments by the King should have been fillabustered we should have talked more to our Represenatives and Senators,and now our children and grand-children will have to pay for this mess. The conservatives always preach "smaller government" well if you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona I can sell you. All they have shown me is bigger government with more control of the people and their daily lives from warrantless wiretapping to control of females of this nation,heck of an agenda guys that is something you can be proud of. But this issue will not rest not until these radicals have their way and put women back in the dark ages,and the alleyways of this nation this kind of logic can only hurt the women of this country giving them less options and infringing on their privacy. I hope everyone who reads this blog in the state of Kentucky and the nation to vote in November it does not matter about the polls,most of the media is on the radical right just go vote for yourself and also the women who read this vote for you,yes for you for your rights as Americans to be equal in the sight of men and of God and when you vote send these Repugs packing.

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