The Katrina catastrophe

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Documents released say government knew of the levees breached on Aug 29th. the day Katrina roared ashore,a timeline of e-mails and weather reports pieced together by Senate Democrats indicate,the Bush administration new as early as 8:30 a.m. EST about the levee failures and that these would lead to massive flooding. So six months later we are slowly finding out some of the truth,it should be clear in our minds as we watched dumbfounded and glued to our televisions and saw first hand the government in torpid spin,and not really knowing how to handle such a situtation. I was watching on CNN the night they asked former head of FEMA Mr.Brown about the stranded and dying at the convention center,he said he did not even know anyone was at the convention center? How the press conferences came one after the other with no one really knowing what on earth to do,and to this day the apathy of FEMA still not knowing what to do its as if we should be telling them how to run the system,"you guys have the trailers collecting dust down there,just give the trailers to the victims please." One blames Washington and Washington blames the Gulf,and some have said maybe just maybe that the officials in Louisiana are to blame,I have not heard from Mississippi lately the Gov.Barbour must have everything under control or the mainstream media just does not want to report about it,bad publicity for conservatives? "There is enough blame to go around," I have heard this till it makes me nauseated. You can not compare these local governments to the Federal government how dumb does the media think we are? What they are saying people is the local government should have the resources to build a major city from scratch,does that sound logical in any way? Should we blame New Orleans because it can not rebuild itself without the help of the federal government? What about the insurance companies we can't let them off either,a lot of these people paid their premiums and still got the shaft,I do not see any media running around asking questions of the insurance companies bowing out of their commitments. What happened down there in the Gulf should be a wake-up call for America,after the media feeding frenzy died so did the hopes of those folks in the Gulf states,a couple of weeks ago CNN did a story about a grand-mother and her 14 year old grand-daughter who lived with her staying in a small make shift hut,she had been arguing with the insurance company ever since Katrina had hit and dystroyed their home well they had not settled yet,but guess what? They did the next day after CNN ran the story,and like AC said,"we can't go to every individual family,we would if we could,but we can not." Have you seen anyone in high office get up and address this problem? Its all red tape of an ineffective handeldling of a very big catastrophe,the trouble is they're all still walking around with their hands in their pockets.
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  1. Thanks for the mention ( watergatesummer)- sadly I have a ton of posts on this.. on favorite is the piece on Ethel Freeman....Really good post here...
    Nice summary of a rotten situation- you wisely say- ENOUGH BLAME TO GO AROUND....Let us hope that they ALL go to Jail eventually- for what happened and their lack of response- Criminal Negligence...

    ( I forgot to tell you that I wrote and called the UN...and they actually did call back...and they did send teams down to NOLA to check it out...I don't know what will happen - but there are International Laws on taking care of Refugees)

  1. Oh, Within Reason- I think I messed you up- and I don't know how to fix it- I MOVED LOST SOULS AND THE SOULESS- because in honor of the Katrina Hearings this week and that I am honroing Women this week- it should be read you will have to now adjust your link- I am so sorry- I didn't mean to screw things up..I was trying to bring Katrina back to some focus on my blog- to sync up with yours- sorry....

    ( I have minimal geel skills...and this proves it)_

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey enigma,the link is repaired. Yeah it seems when the camera leaves everything goes back as it was and everyone forgets,but this has been going on for months and it seems nothing is actually happening down there.

  1. I posted a note on the Comments section to DK that John Edwards is working with Habitat for Humanity, and is encouraging people to go down and build on their vacations. ( He and Elzabeth have concerns about the people down there...and where is the AID? ) I also have been encouraging people to maybe send donations to Habitat ( as opposed to Red Cross- and I used to work for Red Cross- so it is a big deal for me to turn my back on them). Thanks for caring..

  1. Floyd says:

    There was a little scandel within the red cross I think about a month or so ago,during this disaster America itself had to have raised quite a lot of money? It seems more should be going on,am glad to hear John and Elizabeth are going to try to help. It has came out in the news that the administration knew a lot more about what was going on,ole M.Brown been singing like a canary.