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This is a good title also on how the Bush administration deals with any issue brought before it,this concerns the National Governors Association,it seems a lot of the states are in trouble concerning
the border problem with Mexico. It also seems a lot of the states are worried about cost incurred to them due to the influx of illegal immigrants to this country mainly coming from south of the border,this drives up the cost of health care and the state footing the bill of course along with the tax payers like me and you. Bush and the administration turn as usual a blind eye to anything to which don't make them a quick buck,after all this just drives down wages and squeezes the middle-class a little more and I could see clearly why the administration does not see what is happening. Turning a blind eye to port security why worry about the land border,the administration wants those who help fund 9/11 to be in charge of our eastern seaports I mean really that says it all, the ineffectiveness is very clear to me, how blind have we become? Blogging isn't getting any easier these days it is getting harder by the days and it seems everyday another thing has happened,and after a while it just sounds like you are trying to teach a second grade class or something. Sometimes I wonder if we have just become numb from all the incompetence that we are wittiness to and at times it seems we have given up blindly following a failed plan and not realizing the road to take? Once we become smart enough to know there is no plan at all that it is all smoke and mirrors,then we begin to learn but until then we deal with incompetence,we deal with scandals and yes we deal with ineffectiveness.
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  1. Jim says:

    The only motivation that makes any sense is that Bush is trying to starve the beast - to destroy our government, particularly any social programs. All Bush contact with social programs are unfunded mandates, like No Child Left Behind, which several states have tried to escape, and Medicare Part D, which more states have had to bail out.Look at our next budget, which cuts money for the poor, elderly, and students while it recommends private social security accounts and permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. The budget doesn't even include the money for the war - that's made into a separate item.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Jim good to hear from you,yes it seems that every day we hear something the administration has done and I believe you are right he (Bush) seems hell bent on dystroying our government. I have not yet signed onto Medicare part D,I am just unsure because of who made a lot of that happen. I would not sign up for free cheese,if Bush had anything to do with it because in the end and everything is said and done,I and America would get the short end of the stick.

  1. and you know it would such crappy moldy cheese...

    Your blog looks great....I am going to sit down with my coffee and have a good read...snowing here by the Big Lake- I am susposed to be working on my book...but I think I need some good reading for the soul...

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks enigma4ever,come back around sometimes I lose sight of so many scandals and have to step back awhile.