Does it take an election year to stand up?

Posted: 2/07/2006 by Floyd in

The headline election-year politics imperil Bush budget.
Have we come this far that in an election year it will not work? Are they (Repugs) so afraid now of the middle-class and the poor that maybe,just maybe,they will vote? If it was not an election year would they sock us? You better believe it,if we send a bunch of these guys packing come November,will they take you serious the next time? You better believe it,but unlike a lot of the bloggers I will not say anything about who you vote for,more of the status quo,vote them back in,if you want change,then vote for change. It is like the newspapers are saying that if it was not an election year,maybe you guys would forget about the cuts into medicare,medicaid and student loans among others,would you forget? What we need is more balance in Washington,I would encourage everyone vote in your primarys and vote in the general election,let them know we do not forget.

Election-Year Politics Imperil Bush Budget - Yahoo! News - Cutting Medicare will be tough sell in election year