Companies want to be involved with employees 0ff-the-job?

Posted: 2/12/2006 by Floyd in

This has been brewing for a long time and what is actually brewing is this; Comapanies want to dictate what happens in your off-time,sound stupid? That is the bottom line this is not simply about smoking cigarettes it is something deeper than that and would again border on communism,you may be a little overweight,you may be a homosexual,you may smoke,you may even eat at McDonald's but that is it in a nutshell. All of the pre-mentioned things could be skewed as unsafe and or unhealthy,and the question would be do you want the company controlling your life off-the-job? It seems everthing is following the lead of the conservative government in wanting control of our very lives,does America want these controls? That also is a viable question because anymore I do not know the answer. Simply put the answer could be skewed by the media,because frankly anymore the media is becoming untrustworthy. My case and point being this; The cartoon incident,the Abramoff scandal,the state of the economy,wire-tapping issue,Iraq War and a lot more to numerous to name all these have been skewed in one way or another by the media. It seems anymore liberty has been thrown to the side and we begin to embrace control,not only by the government,but now by our jobs.
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